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Craig Robertson said:
Many thanks to Hofmae for supplying this download. Here's Steven Seagal in an Orange advert.

Download here - MOV Format - 21.0Mb.

You require Apple Quicktime to play this file.

Enjoy. :)

Thanks so much hofmae, and Craig thank you for making it available here on the site!!! :)


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Man, this is a barrel of laughs.

Just as good as the Mountain Dew ad. Loved every second, only shame is the obvious stunt double, but over all pretty hilarious



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I don't know if this has been posted before, but it might be of some interest to a few. click on archives, then scroll to the bottom and click on questions, then Hollywood: stars and stunts. It explains the frequent use of stunt doubles. A few of these can also be applied to the use of voice dubbing. I believe the bad usage of doubles and dubbing, is in the directing and editing of the movie.


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nah, that doesn't apply to Seagal. It's just talking about high risk stunts.

The problem with Seagal is he's just lazy, which is why they have to use stunt men for his martial arts moves and scenes like walking into a building, getting out of car, etc....


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With all he has done in movies, music, charity, special appearances, etc, etc, in the last 2 years, he is NOT......I repeat NOT..... lazy.
Also check out the: Hollywood Insurance Question, on this site,


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I agree that Seagal is very busy however that does not give him an excuse to not do his own stunts, especially when it involves the very martial arts that he built his career on. Having to be doubled for a brief hand to hand combat on the stairs in Black Dawn (2005) is frankly pathetic. And as I have pointed out before surely the stunt involving Seagal getting into the moving dump truck, which is actually him (you can see it on the special features) is far more dangerous than a simple throw or hand blcok which he now seems incapable of doing.


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aikido604 said:
nothing works on this site no more...i download things and it comes up as being an error or file is empty
Make sure the download is complete before opening. Also check the file sizes to make sure it has all been received.

Just checked the file and it works okay for me.