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News is published today !!! very late huh ??? :D

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Seagal in action for Orange
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Mark Sweney
Tuesday July 4, 2006

Seagal: the action film star attemps to pitch a romantic comedy to an Orange Film Board executive

Ageing action star Steven Seagal is to star in the next instalment of mobile firm Orange's tongue-in-cheek cinema ads.
Seagal follows the likes of John Cleese, Carrie Fisher, Lord of the Rings star Sean Astin, Patrick Swayze and Verne Troyer, the actor who plays Mini-Me in the Austin Powers films, in the campaign, which features stars pitching their film ideas to the fictional Orange Film Board.

In the cinema ad, developed by ad agency Mother, the familiar boardroom backdrop is swapped for a golf course.

The ad opens with Seagal - star of a host of action films in the 90s such as Marked for Death, Under Siege and Hard to Kill - attempting to pitch his idea of a new romantic comedy to Orange Film Board executive Mr Dresden.
When Dresden spots Seagal coming on to the course he heads for his golf cart and speeds away, and a Hollywood-style car chase ensues.

While driving, Dresden rebuffs Seagal's ideas with the usual ploy of shoehorning references to Orange and its phone services into the script.

Dresden then plays the villain, appearing over the horizon in a black helicopter, and the clip closes with Seagal taking an electronic detonator out of his pocket.




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Wierna Fanka Stevena
But it curious and thank you Suzi behind news.


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The first time I heard that it had started showing in the UK, I went to the cinema as soon as I could. It was nice to see Seagal back on the big screen even though it was only an advert...


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glass;202425 said:
Hopefully Seagal will be back in theatres in the UK later this year in Machete (2010). :)

Very true glass, I look forward to seeing Seagal back on the big screen, I just hope all these current allegations don't overshadow his cinematic comeback.
SweetChinMusic have you ever know from the inside the production of the movie ?? He is not lazy. The film a stunt walking int he building becouse they have a limit days to shoot and don't have time to ride half a city to film Steven there as he is making a fight right now the other location. In every low budget movie there are those things even in Lundgren or Van Damme. Please don't talk about thing you probably don't know and just thinking it is.


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I love when he lets his sense of humor out to play....he has SUCH comedic timing....he could even do an action/comedy movie.....