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Movies Perfect Weapon - Steven Seagal, Johnny Messner, Vernon Wells (finished)

Discussion in 'News' started by Martin01, May 10, 2015.

  1. andrey_hard

    andrey_hard Active Member

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  2. Mason

    Mason Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking about it.. it is just pretty expensive. It costs 76 dollars for me to have it sent to Denmark. That is ofcaurse including the price for the film.

    They should have ended the clip a little sooner than they did. It revealed something that I didn't wanted to see.
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  3. DiDa

    DiDa Well-Known Member Staff Member

    A lot of sites are claiming this one will be released in September but I can't find a pre-order anywhere....??
  4. DiDa

    DiDa Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Directly form Titus Paar:

    US distributor: EOne
    The film will be released on VOD/EST November 4th, followed by DVD December 6th.
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  5. bwana-beast

    bwana-beast Active Member

    Thanks for the info!
  6. Haha, this looks horrible.
  7. DiDa

    DiDa Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Why? I think this one looks great and different from his recent movies.
  8. Mason

    Mason Well-Known Member

    As an B movie this is really good. :) Seagal dosn't have alot of screentime, big surprise there :p:D but he is still very good in it :) :)

    Johnny Messner does an okay job, but nothing that would make me watch an movie with him as the lead without an big name in the movie..

    The production is really good for a DTV movie..

    A good bunch of action and R Rated scenes.

    The ending can definitely lead up to a sequel, and the end images keeps rolling for maybe 15 - 20 seconds when the end credits begin ;);) ..

    All in all i like the movie and would love to see more Seagal films from Titus Paar. It seems like Titus is all about quality for DTV films and in my opinion, he understands it well.

    Does anybody know the band and the song from the trailer that starts 01.11 ???

    I bought the film from Japan last week, it was shipped Monday and I recieved it today ;);) ..
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  9. DiDa

    DiDa Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Thanks for the review Mason!! How is Seagal in the fightscene(s)?
  10. Mason

    Mason Well-Known Member

    Seagal is good in the one fight scene he as. Nothing new though. And by the way, the scene with the 80/90's Seagal version is no longer than what we see in the trailer. It is an very short scene..
    It bugs me that I cant find the band name and the title for the song in the trailer. I wached after the end credits and it wasn't any of them. Can you ask Titus Paar what the band and that song is called ???
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  11. DiDa

    DiDa Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I will try to ask him next time. Thanks for your review. I can't wait for the movie.
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  12. Mason

    Mason Well-Known Member

    Thank you. :)

    You welcome. :)
  13. DiDa

    DiDa Well-Known Member Staff Member

    First user reviews from imdb are coming in and they are not so good.

    But that also could be Seagal haters. I put my money on Mason's review :)
  14. Denis Sunt

    Denis Sunt New Member

    I couldn`t stay from watching it online, though in spanish I really enjoyed it for some reasons. I like the visual perfomance of it - it`s a new look for Seagal movie and it`s with no doubt stylish and fresh. I like the characters and how they were played - what is rare as we are judging dtv - I didn`t notice any that was odd or stupid but all the characters were well written and played. That of course was a nice surprise and that is a sign of solid production. Every sustainable character was in its place and actors did really fit. I ask everybody here not to judge PW in terms of A-list movies because of unappropriate levels of budgets, promotion, stuff etc. But in a raw of dtv movies its really decent piece of art that makes a better impression imho than preliminary waitings. An effect was multiplied keeping in mind Steven`s recent outcomes that were fairly blamed and crashed by fans. I would say comparing to Sniper, AC, COD this flick is a really masterpiece (once again tributing to its budget, short shooting period and young director who makes his first steps in action genre).
    I base my statement on my personal impression during watching it. I mean that watching ordinary dtv you decrease the scale of your inner critic to accept the faults every time you suffer from some trademark lacks in professionalism that are usual things for this type of flicks. You just say to yourself: "Oh shit, they made that crappy stunt, doubling, editing, dialogue once again. When they stop treat us like that?" Rings the bell, guys? Thats why I rate PW high because I didn`t feel like that during all the showtime. So my congratulations and many thanks to T. Paar and the crew who made a really entertaining flick with no excuses to the limits. Really good start in Hollywood for director. As for Steven`s performance I truly believe that it was his best cameo after his appearance in Machete. Just watch his scenes with no prejudice, he really looks naturally and dedicated to his character. We got used to the opposite for the last time and that was young man - Mr.Paar who inspired Steven and offered him the role that fit his physical and mental personality very well so personally I could enjoy his short but decent appearance. Best regards!
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  15. DiDa

    DiDa Well-Known Member Staff Member

  16. DiDa

    DiDa Well-Known Member Staff Member

  17. DiDa

    DiDa Well-Known Member Staff Member

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  18. DiDa

    DiDa Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Just received this from Titus Paar:

  19. JoeDirt

    JoeDirt Active Member

    I can't see the picture, DiDa.
  20. DiDa

    DiDa Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Strange, I can see it....are there more people who can't see it?

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