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Movies Perfect Weapon - Steven Seagal, Johnny Messner, Vernon Wells (finished)


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I have been in contact with actor Sean Cronin. I asked him if he is going to be in Perfect Weapon.

He said:
Hi, I was actually signed to play the the lead in 'The Perfect Weapon' but problems with my visa coming through on time stopped it! Very annoying!! Grrrr!!!

So, did Steven take over the leading role, or was Steven never going to be the lead?


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I hope this project isn’t cancelled last minute? I actually would like to see a sci-fi-movie with Seagal.

Maybe it's just another cameo movie for Seagal?


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I can confirm today is the first day of shooting for Perfect Weapon! The shooting location is Mobile, Alabama.

Steven is playing the role of The Director and not the role of Condor (The assassin on the run). So I guess we can say that Steven is the bad guy. The role of Condor will be played by Johnny Mesner. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0582257/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Other cast members:
Sasha Jackson (One Three Hill, Jarhead 3)
Sandra Yap
Jace Jeanes

Here is a call sheet from the first day of shooting:

Set photo from Katherina Wind (filmmaker, editor, producer):

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Good news: Peter Malota is the stunt coordinator. He didn't do much movie work, but he did the stunts for Double Impact, Universal Soldier and The Order. He also played The Spanish Fighter who is fighting Van Damme in The Quest. He also fought Van Damme in The Order.


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Johnny Messner posts about Perfect Weapon. He replaced Sean Cronin last minute:

Sept 22: Just got a dope new movie offered to me thanks to @OfficialTimWjr !! You're the man son and I love ya like my brother !!! Let's go!!!

Sept 23: It's called "The Perfect Weapon" I am the perfect weapon of course it's really really good !Steven Seagal is in it

Sean it is right up your alley sir!My character is friggin kick ass on all levels!I can't wait !There will be Blood

October in Alabama !! Whoooo hoooo Let's go!!!

I love this movie and it's all because of the mad Genius of @OfficialTimWjr ! Big things coming his way! Love

Sept 24: Leave on Saturday to Alabama to start "The Perfect Weapon"This movie is so dope and my character is so layered up! About to tear shit up

The biggest bad ass EVER !! A Killing machine !! But a lot of luggage with this guy !! No one Note shit here

Sept 29: The grind is real 5:45 am shoulder workout before I start this insane journey of all day everyday fighting in my new movie"Perfect Weapon"


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Thank you!

I'm disppointed Seagal is not the main actor. :(
I see it this way: Seagal will not be the hero in this movie but he does play a main character. If you look at the call sheet his character has the number 2. So he is the 2nd most important character in the movie. I think it's good to see something different. The movies where Seagal is playin the hero are all the same thing over and over.
Sci Fi + Seagal as bad guy (confirmed by Johnny Messner by the way) = something refreshing.

I just hope the movie does not have crappy effects. Sometimes low budget and scifi are not working together.