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Steven Seagal to pitch skin care line in Canada

CanWest News Service
Published: Saturday, January 06, 2007

One-time action movie star Steven Seagal is coming to Canada to talk about a line of anti-aging products.

Seagal, 55, is scheduled to attend a press conference at a Toronto hotel on Jan. 12 to extol the virtues of L’Acrima skin care.

Created by Dr. David M. Vesco, who is billed as “the world’s finest experts in anti-aging” and “the father of the antioxidant theory,” the products contain catechin – a chemical substance found in plants that reportedly helps keep the cell walls of small blood vessels permeable. Vesco believes catechin stabilizes collagen.

In Canada, the products are promoted in television commercials by former CTV talk show host Dini Petty, 61.

The L’Acrima line comes from the American Catechin Research Insitute, a private company founded by Vesco and Toronto’s Bo. D. Zakariev-MacKedonskii. It was incorporated in Ontario in 2003.

Seagal, whose films include Under Siege and Executive Decision, was declared the reincarnation of a Buddhist Lama by Penor Rinpoche in 1997. A 7th-dan black belt in aikido, Seagal is an environmentalist and vegetarian.

He has previously marketed an energy drink called Lightning Bolt and an herbal oil product line.

Seagal shot the movie Exit Wounds in Toronto in 2001. He currently has three films in the works.


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Die Hard Seagal fan!
Thats a good venture of Steven, I hope he get succes with it!
Steven is doing good things ;)

take care Suzi

greets take-sensei


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They're being awfully coy about which hotel this launch is supposed to take place. I can't find anything, anywhere about it, short of calling all the upscale hotels in the area (and there are a lot of them, alas!).


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Dearest TD,

I found Hotel you can see below... :D

Lotion devotion: What Steven Seagal and Sheila Copps have in common

Shinan Govani, National Post
Published: Thursday, January 11, 2007

Steven Seagal will be at a press conference at the Park Hyatt Hotel tomorrow --but will dear Sheila Copps?

Canada may not have asked for it, but the Buddhist brawler and the plucky ex politician have apparently joined forces. Yes, there's a common cause between the man with the SAG award-winning squint and the toots who once told the House of Commons that she was "nobody's baby!" And it all comes down to moisturizing.

The word's been out for some days now that the wrist-breaking Seagal is Toronto bound to give his blessing to L'Acrima, a spiffy line of anti-ageing products. But what's perhaps a trifle less known is that Copps, the former deputy prime minister of Canada, is a big fan, too. Big enough to give a testimonial on the Web site belonging to the American Catechin Research Institute, the local firm behind the skincare line.

"I absolutely love the facial cleanser," Sheila says in what is essentially a video ad. "If you're like me and you have dry skin, you may only want to put it on at night," she adds with know-it-all empathy.

Bringing the same je ne sais quoi that she brought the Liberal Party of Canada, the celebrity stateswoman also talks glowingly about the eye cream, the day cream and the night cream. "This system worked for me," she concludes. "I know it'll work for you."

Unfortunately, I must confirm the overall performance does lack a bit, and it seems like the erstwhile ex-parliamentarian borrowed more from the well of Tara Reid than she did from Meryl Streep. (See for yourself!) While it stops just short of showing the cue cards that are undoubtedly in front of Copps, her delivery is, to be frank, stiffer than a jail sentence.

Indeed, one is hard-pressed to say which performance is the more pinching: Copps's or Dini Petty's. The latter is an even bigger celebrity spokes matron for L'Acrima, and has been all over the tube of late putting the deep into skin deep for the line.

Seagal, Copps and Petty? Yes, it's true. Watch out, Dreamgirls!

P.S. The key word with L'Acrima is catechin, a natural plant derivative that's said to be a wowie antioxidant. Behind it? Dr. David M. Vesco, a Bulgarian-born doc who they call "the father of the antioxidant theory" and who had an admirer, apparently, in the late President Ronald Reagan.




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himmmm really you have to go book store :D.. Thank you for newspapers but the most important we are waiting your reviews my dearest friend..
Enjoy from the show and from him.. I am sure you like !!!heeeeeeeeeeeeeee :p

TDWoj;171225 said:
Thanks, Suzi.

I called the hotel and was told that the event is invitation only; not open to the general public. No hope there. You should scan the on-line newspapers tomorrow to see if there's any photos of the event posted. (,,,

I have to go to the book store tomorrow. There's a book store right near the hotel. Hmmm....


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Steven Seagal in Canada to Present a brand new approach to SkinCare and Nutrition Press Conference
January 12, 2007 - Park Hyatt Hotel

I hope you enjoy from his newest photos..



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Die Hard Seagal fan!
WOW Awesome pictures Suzi!!!! You did a GREAT job, thank you sooooooooo much!!!!

BTW: I think I'm gonna also to buy Bosco Sport clothing too... :D

take care dear Suzi

greets take-sensei


New Member
Thank you Susi for the news and photographes,Steven is always the best,for all that it does.I wish him very beautiful concerts. This night for me ( 3 h of the morning) people of the Casino Rama had much chance !!

Best regards


Wierna Fanka Stevena
Wow..Ohh Thank you Suzi too new photo :p

Greets anoli​


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What you are thinking about this new product ? :D
I am waiting your opinions pleaseeeeeeeeeee !!



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