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Review: Fire Down Below

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews' started by Administrator, Dec 14, 2002.

  1. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member

    Post your review of Fire Down Below here.
  2. METROdee

    METROdee New Member

    GREAT movie!! The scence where Steve gets jumped by the town sheriff and 4 cops is A CLASSIC--one of my all-time favorites. His speech--while holding a gun to the mouth of one cop--is INCREDIBLE. No one ever did such a cool scene, and Steve-O's got dozens of this kind in his movies.

    HAIL SEAGAL--LONG LIVE SEAGALIA (that is, this neat Message Board)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Lucky Member

    METROdee, consider my words your words !!! Great movie !!! It's a Seagal more "family" in this one, I loved it !!!
    And he is against the destruction of nature, I love it too !!!!!!
  4. tora

    tora Funmaker

    Fire Down Below is fantastic!!!The scenes are great.I don't understand why it was listen as one of the worst movies of that year.
  5. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Lucky Member

    "Fire Down Below is fantastic!!!The scenes are great.I don't understand why it was listen as one of the worst movies of that year. "

    Well, my friend Tora..... all because it's about nature involved they say bad things, they say that On Deadly Ground stinks, I think it's a great movie.... I don't believe what others say..until I watch... That's the way it is....

  6. suziwong

    suziwong Administrator Staff Member

    Answer is very simple Rodrigo, Because they are Steven Seagal's movies !! This is enogh for them !!!!!!!!
  7. Felicia Storm

    Felicia Storm New Member

    Fire Down Below would have to be one of my favourite Seagal movies. The Scenery, the music and the characters were all great.
  8. mandypuss

    mandypuss New Member

    I actually enjoyed Fire Down Below and rate it as one of my faves. Steven was more human in it if that is the right expression. He actually liked a girl in this one.:cool:
  9. MMCK2

    MMCK2 New Member

    I have to say that "Fire Down Below" would be in my opinion one of Seagal's lesser films. Plot wise there is not much wrong with the film; An enviromental protection agent is sent to Jackson Kentucky to investigate illegal dumping of toxic waste whilst similtaneously trying to discover how a close collegue was murdered there. What does hurt the film is the surprisingly poor action scenes. They are edited in such a way that your hardly ever see Seagal start and finish a move in one shot. Another technique used is fractured editing where upon a few frames of action are removed in the middle of a martial arts manouver in order for Seagal to appear faster than he really is. The most annoying technique is the speeding up of the film (this is particularly evident in the mine scene and the pool hall brawl) which makes it look like an old 1920's slapstick comedy. The fact that Seagal was starting to get a little bulky combined with the fact that this was the director's first film venture (he was more of a tv director mainly episodes of ER) probably explains this weird editing/directing.

    On the plus side Seagal gives a good enough performance and the romance with Marg Hengleberg is good natured and a new element to his usual fare. Plus there is an excellent chase sequence involving Seagal in a pick-up truck being pursued by a massive tanker.

    Overall summary ** out of ***** (watchable).
  10. Rita

    Rita New Member

    Great movie, nice location
  11. CharlesJones

    CharlesJones New Member

    Fire Down Below

    I was watching this Steven Seagal movie last night on TBS. This movie cracks me up cause i love to see Steven kick ass like he always does. The woman who was his girlfriend in the movie who plays on CSI tv show is hot. I don't know why people always try to start a fight with Steven in these movies cause he ends up kicking their ass time & time again LOL. Kris Kristofferson's son was a wuss. I like the part when Steven slaps him around with those boxing gloves near the end when he beats up all them dudes in the bar. Who was that sexy woman that Kris had workin for him as a secretary? She was hot. I also like the part when those cops try to arrest Steven & he takes the gun from that one cop & puts the gun in his mouth & he says to the head sheriff, how do u want it LOL.
  12. Lotussan

    Lotussan I Belong To Steven

    I love that film, he's just great...I was impressed by his fighting, and his sweet side too, actually was a little romantic...He's always so much more charming than any of the other men in his movies, and he's always so much taller and bigger, he just commands the attention in a crowd...And I loved the truck chase scene especially for some reason, it was very exciting for me...Steven has a habit of slapping it seems, but there wouldn't be anyone that would get one on him, he's so quick...That scene with the cops is my favorite, he's so tough, and means business...And what he says made me blush but it was kinda sexy the way he takes charge of all of them...The way he kicks is amazing, it makes my pulse race...mmmm, what a man...That is my favorite Seagal movie next to exit wounds...
  13. Littledragon

    Littledragon Above The Law

    A Good Film!

    This is another good Seagal movie. Not the best but good. The plot was average it could have been better. The action scenes once again blew me away. I used to love this Seagal movie now I just like it alot. Once again I like the message he represents. A good film!

    My rating: 4 out of 5 stars.
  14. Webmaster FU&D!

    Webmaster FU&D! Ardent Seagal Fan

    FU&D! Original Review - Fire Down Below - 2/4 guns

    Steven Seagal stars as an EPA Agent Jack Taggert in the outback of Middle America in his latest movie. Everything, from the 2.35:1 framing to the guest musicians, tries to set this movie up as a large-scale production - something it sadly is not.

    The storyline is alright, if you buy into Seagal's whole pro-environment deal. There are some good fight scenes, but, unfortunately, I have say that quite a few of them seem "fast-forwarded". That's right, speeded up to insure that the Great One looks as fast as he did ten years ago, which is really not necessary.

    It ends up looking faked and contrived and I now have a harder time than ever of convincing my Seagal-doubting friends that he is, truly, a great master. The one thing that this movie establishes, is that Seagal can play a caring, quiet, friendly guy who kicks ass pretty well - but that this movie could have worked with any action star.

    It's worth seeing, but don't be like me and buy it on laserdisc.

    :gun: :gun:

    Please see my Steven Seagal website for screencaps and audio clips as well as reviews of other, better Seagal movies.

    ORANGATUANG Wildfire

    This is one of my favourites..And Marg Helenberger wasnt bad in it either..He always looks good in black like in one of the scenes where he is walking across an foot bridge
    there is an good photo of him in the gallery just type in "fire down below" in the movies section and it should come up...just thought you would like to know..Heather.
  16. Littledragon

    Littledragon Above The Law

    I thought it was a good film, once again incredible action scenes! ;)
  17. ad_adrian

    ad_adrian Twitter: adadrian

    quite a good story line...interesting and enjoyable...not his best not much action but enough to keep u watching it...and its good to see his relationship with the girl and the girl not die haha but yeah pretty good movie and seagal looks pretty good in it...bar a jacket he wore when he was dropping the girl off to the fedual agents...(sometimes he can have bad taste of clothes when normally they r so good)
    i rate it 7/10.....
    could of had more action and you can kind of tell its poorly done the end fight scene could of been way better for kris kristofecen does such a good job
  18. rickyjneal

    rickyjneal New Member

    i think steven is tough man . i wouldnt mess with him in back alley.
    i like all his movie .one these day i will get all his movies.

    ORANGATUANG Wildfire

    Saw this one for the first time the other day not bad he can handle himself...
  20. BridgetA

    BridgetA New Member

    I like this film!!! A wonderful Steven Seagal and a nice Marg Helgenberger.

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