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Review: Fire Down Below

Really which issue was that Wrist-Snapper?..I get that magazine every month...i may have to go back through my past issues ...i dont know why he doesnt wear his snazzy clothes any more like in movies from F.D.B. Glimmerman etc..
loved those way out jackets ...come on Steven please wear them again..
The current issue. March 2007 "Explosive Action Issue" featuring John McClane (LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD), Jason Bourne (BOURNE ULTIMATUM) and Simon Pegg (HOT FUZZ) on the cover.
That just goes to show how slack my book store is the March issue isnt in yet be still an couple of weeks that would be right..thanks for letting me know...i love this magazine its worth its money..
My review

I really liked this movie. Steven acts really well, he helps people, kicks bad guys' asses, shoots, etc. It has got a very well made story, a lot of action scenes, gun shooting, beatiful filming locations, nice music. Fire Down Below is definetely one of the best Seagal's movies. Although it is not as brilliant as Hard to Kill or Under Siege 1 and 2, FDB deserves very decent rating. I give it 7/10.
This movie was on TV last night and made an note NOT to miss it ..i must have been more buggared out then i thought saw about the first few minutes then that was it i fell asleep ( : thank goodness i have seen it before one of his best i think..


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I think this is a good movie and a bit underrated.
Yes, there are not as much action scenes in the movie compared to his earlier films, but I really like the setting and atmosphere of the movie.

Sadly it seems a lot of filmed action scenes were cut out of the final movie. Any chance there will be a directors cut some day?


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Sadly it seems a lot of filmed action scenes were cut out of the final movie. Any chance there will be a directors cut some day?
Only scenes I'm aware of cut from ODG is the ending, Seagal originally wanted a 15mt lecture, that got cut down to 5mts.
There was a whole 'love' interest with the cheif's daughter that got cut(a scene exists in the trailer)
the other tribesmen didn't like it and fought Seagl about it(pic. in Martial Arts Legends present,1st Seagal issue)
There's a scene in the MFD trailer thatclearly shows Seagal chopping the Jamaican in the troat at the end of the store fight.
There's 2 scenes that showed up in the TV broadcast of OFJ and one scene from TGM...I've never seen any other scenes from ATL ,HTK, US, US2, FDB or EW
Fire Down Below also featured a Seaagl soundtrack CD with many of the songs in the movie, same with Into The Sun which featured 4 songs from 'Songs From the Crystal Cave(tho' that didn't come out for 4 more years), MFD had 2 Seagal songs on the CD version only, and OFJ had the closing track that Seagal sang.
The Fire Down Below had a lot of promo...Seagal and band played after the premiere, he did a Larry King 1 hour interview which had many clips from the movie and Seagal and band played on a 1 hour 'Prime Time Country' program(which I'm not sure was seen in most of the US...I got a copy from someone in Hawaii.
Really the only thing many of the Seagal films have now is thet they must of gone to the original digital source to make 1080p versions.
THese can be downloaded or streamed seem to be HBO sourced. as the logo appears at the beginning.