Review : Flight Of Fury


Wow, I have waited for a long time to get it, but it's done !!!

Tonight Steven is back for me !!!

I will make some screenshots and put it on my website, as soon as possible...


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I am disgusted by the way he displays his prowess in his recent movies. A while back, after leaving Warner Brothers and Jules Nasso, he said now he wants to make a different kind of movies: that would lead people into contemplation blah blah. Now look at the movies he makes: they're just as bloody and violent. What's worse is, he doesn't even try to create a situation in which that much violence would look legit. I was just watching Flight of Fury, there is a scene in a store where he gets everybody killed - including the guy behind the counter - and then he says: it was self defence. How stupid is that, really?

If you analyse that situation a wee bit, you get the following: the guys with the guns were after the money. The cashier could have given him the money, then they would have left. He had cameras in the store anyway, so it would have been pretty easy to trace the burglars, who did not wear masks, wigs or any kind of make-up.

But no, that would have been too simple: so Stevie Wonder-Boy goes on and shoots a guy outside the store, gets the cashier killed by the other thieves that panicked because of him, and then - this is my favourite move, by the way - he drops the gun, pulls out a knife and then slays another kid with no purpose in life in a blink of an eye. KILLS him, let me repeat that. What kind of defence system in the world would do that? What kind of example does Steven Seagal give in this scene ALONE?

To give but another example, he could have had the kid with the knife drop it - he already had a gun in his hand - and then send him to prison, rehab or whatever. The founder of Aikido used to say: there is no bigger crime in the Universe than taking someone's life. This is how the techniques were developed, so that they look so round and harmonious now.

Once again, life might put you sometimes in situations where you really have to take action and do something about it, without hesitation. But this was not it. So you see, he doesn't even try to create situations in his movies that would require that kind of extreme attitude, and his recent movies are FULL of this kind of stuff.

It's just ridiculous, simple as that. Happy Easter all.

its an action film.........yes it would be nice if seagal sent the villian to rehab and spent 90 minutes of the film not killing anyone but it also be very dull.


Loaded !!!


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Mama San

Heather is right...they are a little dark,
not sure if there is anything that you
can actually do about that,
but very nice pictures, anyway!!
Like she any more??:cool:
God bless,
Mama san


...iam more into the second one it sure iam not into panes and all that jazz but is that what they call an stealth bomber?..thanks again mate..and of course he looks as good as ever too how can i forget that...ooopssss Heather made an boo boo...smack on my paw..

Mama San

Yep! Heather, that's a stealth but I
think that one that was flown in the
movie was referred to as a Stealth
Fighter, the Stealth Bomber is larger,
if I'm not mistaken!
God bless,
Mama san


B2 Stealth bomber, F117 Stealth fighter and SR71 Blackbird !!!


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I also like Willis, Arnold, sometimes Van Damme and Wesley, and enjoy a lot with Chuck Norris in Walker, but what I feel with SEAGAL and SLY are very special.


Thanks Mama san and Nathanael for confirming that still very mean looking things arent they thats why this movie is going to be an hit because it takes an mean mother to handle such an piece of machine..yes Rambo movies were good ...


Wow!!! it was amazing loved how the plane could be invisible and of course the bad guys always get theres in the end ..i know my brothers will be wrapped with it being blokes and all and that scene with the bosoms well that just abit more that will get them going...fantastic Steven an job well done ..look forward to your next one..


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Flight Of Fury And Attack Force Suck

i wasted my life watching the two worse action films of the year what have i done

lee nicholson

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Flight of fury was the slightly better movie of the two. But all the same, they were both pretty bad (at least FOF had a nice, if short, fight scene, near the end)