Seagal aks presidential pardon for Julius Nasso!


Hell No!!! What are you thinking Steven an leopard cant change its spots in other words this jerk may succeed next time in getting money out of you ...he did nearly screw you over before ..hope the president says NO..:mad: Plus not that iam bragging BUT i think by the time i have finished my little story of under siege 3 it will be alot better then Nasso can do any way :p


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I'm sure that Seagal has now realised that the time is right for him to return with Julius Nasso as discussed at length in this thread:

Any fan of Seagal knows he is a very spiritual man whose beliefs no doubt include forgiveness. Seagal and Nasso were friends for many years and Seagal probably feels Nasso has paid enough for his crimes.

This forgiveness also probably means that Seagal is willing to forgive Avi Lerner but Lerner still doesn't feel able to forgive Seagal for the trouble he caused or trust him enough that it won't happen again!

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