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Music Seagal to co-host and perform at Bluestock festival (August 26-28 in Hunter, NY)

Discussion in 'News' started by bens85, May 31, 2011.

  1. bens85

    bens85 Active Member


    "Steven Seagal is known as an action movie star but he is also something of a blues aficionado. At this summer’s Bluestock Seagal will not only perform with his band Thunderbox but also co-host the festival from the stage. The blues and jamband festival will also feature Gregg Allman, Buddy Guy, Elvin Bishop, Tommy Castro & The LRBR (ft. Joe Louis Walker, Rick Estrin, and Deanna Bogart), Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, Tab Benoit, Ronnie Baker Brooks and Bruce Katz, among otherwers. The inaugural festival will take place from August 26-28 in Hunter, NY. The festival’s daily schedule is now also available."

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  2. BarbaraAnn101

    BarbaraAnn101 Well-Known Member

    OMG...I am so going...this is not all that far from RI.....

    ORANGATUANG Wildfire

    Lucky girl!!! ;)
  4. photomouse14

    photomouse14 Guest

    You go girl and throw your panties on stage!
  5. BarbaraAnn101

    BarbaraAnn101 Well-Known Member

    YES!!! Orang....I need a pair just like the ones you threw him in that Pic of the Day...lol
    photomouse14 likes this.

    ORANGATUANG Wildfire

    Is that right Barbara ..those knickers are like me girl one of an kind..:p
  7. Irishgirl

    Irishgirl Active Member

    OMG....I would so like to go.....no vacation left banked it all in July.....shucks!!!! Sucks to be me....
  8. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member


    ORANGATUANG Wildfire

    now you know how it feels ..sucks big time..
  10. Irishgirl

    Irishgirl Active Member

    Barbara, make sure you take lots of pictures....and get him autograph if you can......
  11. Irishgirl

    Irishgirl Active Member

    oh! awesome! Barb and Orang are you going to order one?:D
  12. dante

    dante dante

    where we can buy this beautiful action figure????? i must have it!! absolutely!!!
  13. Haven't found out where to order it yet...if I do, I will post it for sure.
  14. TheDean!

    TheDean! Member

    yeah, i got exited, then realised it was a joke.

    ORANGATUANG Wildfire

    oh buggar and double buggar:D
  16. Irishgirl

    Irishgirl Active Member

    A Joke! AH! shucks.....LOL
  17. Slowhand

    Slowhand Slowhand

  18. Cathleen Jones

    Cathleen Jones New Member

    Finally something!:)
  19. amir

    amir New Member

    Is any of my favorite movie star's movies, Steven Seagal, ganna go to movie theaters?
  20. suziwong

    suziwong Administrator Staff Member

    Hello welcome to the board and in theis time I don't think so.. Take care

  21. BarbaraAnn101

    BarbaraAnn101 Well-Known Member

    Hey Peeps!! If you "Like" the Bluestock Festival page on Facebook...you can enter to win passes and a CHANCE TO MEET STEVEN SEAGAL!!!.......Ok....I'm calm now........NO I'M NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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