Seagal's daughter in The Patriot

Discussion in 'Movies' started by steve, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. steve

    steve New Member

    I never knew this but just discovered Seagal's real-life daughter is in The Patriot, she's credited as his assistant in the film. Does anyone know which scene she appears in? Is it the person early on who tells him he has a phone call when he's in his doctor's office?
  2. tora

    tora Funmaker

    That's it.
  3. Littledragon

    Littledragon Above The Law

    Wow I never knew that interesting.
  4. Lotussan

    Lotussan I Belong To Steven

    Yes, that's her, she says..."Doctor you have a phone call..." and earlier on she mentions though is barely audible, "Here's his chart..." reffering to the chart of the man Dr. Wes is examining...
    His name escapes me right now...
    She's credited as Ayako Seagal in the credits...
    I think there is quite a resemblance when you see them on the screen together there...
    Especially the ears I thought, call me weird but I think Steven has very nice ears for a man, and a very attractive nose as well...
    Uh oh, I better stop there...:)

    ORANGATUANG Wildfire

    I didnt know that she was his real life daughter either she is a beautiful young lady, i know where she gets the good looks from..Like father like daughter...Heather.
  6. Lotussan

    Lotussan I Belong To Steven

    Yes, indeed...:)
  7. Jules

    Jules Potters Clay

    I noticed that he had his daughter in that movie. I also noticed that he had his dog in Ticker.
  8. Lotussan

    Lotussan I Belong To Steven

    Really? I guess I was too busy looking at him, again...:eek:
  9. Lotussan

    Lotussan I Belong To Steven

    I think a lot of people thought the little girl, Camilla Belle was his daughter,
    they had a good rapport, and she looked like him enough to pass as well...:)
  10. ZenLateralus

    ZenLateralus Disposition Seagal

    Really? Was it the bomb sniffing dog? How do you know that was his dog?
  11. TDWoj

    TDWoj Administrator Staff Member

    I believe the dog's listed in the credits as "Kaos Seagal".
  12. Lotussan

    Lotussan I Belong To Steven

    Then that was his dog, alright...:)

    The one that's in the family picture that's in the gallery...
  13. ZenLateralus

    ZenLateralus Disposition Seagal

    I'll have to check that out along with that mistake in Hard to Kill that was mentioned. I'm learning all kinds of neat stuff on this site, I'll tell yah.
  14. suziwong

    suziwong Administrator Staff Member

    yes right !!

    here is Seagal family and Chaos


    BTW, Sensei Larry Reynosa appeared at Fire Down Below. I saw him he was bodyguard at the bar !!

    in onenesss
  15. Lotussan

    Lotussan I Belong To Steven

    Cool, suzi, I never knew that about Mr. Reynosa...
  16. tora

    tora Funmaker too,getting to know a plenty of new things...Gotta go check it out if Sensei Reynosa is really there...
    Yep,that dog was listed in the credits...Hmm...Kind of becoming a Hollywood star-a Steven's successor probably?Maybe he can do some kung-fu or tai-chi as well?:D
  17. suziwong

    suziwong Administrator Staff Member

    check it out Tora !! especially be careful when Seagal comes to club or bar for arrest Chris Chrisstopherson !! At the door, you will see two bodyguards. Reynosa at the left side !!

    in onenesss
  18. Jules

    Jules Potters Clay

    I wonder if his son Dominic was taking the picture. I noticed he was missing.
  19. Lotussan

    Lotussan I Belong To Steven

    Yes, he was missing wasn't he?
    Maybe he was taking the photo...
    Good little picture taker if so...
    I'm still a terrible photographer....:D
    Too bad he wasn't in it though...
    I think I have only seen one or two
    pictures of him when he was very young...
    I only remember the one that's in the gallery
    where he was at the footprint
    ceremony with his dad....
  20. Lotussan

    Lotussan I Belong To Steven

    That's one or two pictures ever, I mean....

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