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Sensei's crystal cave

Donald Lee Wilkey

A Steven Seagal fan
I ordered Steven Seagal's music compact disc "Songs from the Crystal Cave" from a local book store and it'll be available to purchase by next week
My favorite tune on that cd is 'Don't You Cry'
I like the guitar rythyms and riffs, Seagal's soothing voice, lyrics, background vocals too, heck the whole song is astounding
Now i can see why Steven Seagal goes on tour
Yes don he loves spreading his word through his songs and the messages he leaves in them too..i dont know really pick an favourite because they are all fantastic..just hope he brings out an third soon..
i wish he would have a third album....but guys any idea if there is any plan for such a thing??? or may be our guy is busy with his movie???


New Member
You should listen the Mojo Priest album my friend,

This is awesome stuff...

Let's hope Steven release a new album soon...

Somehow, I think it will not be in 2007, maybe 2008 ?

Much energy,