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Steven Seagal at Astana !!!

When is he with out her at his side ..not very often i must be strange because i wouldnt want to be around him 24/7 i would rather be home being an mum myself not having nannies ..no way would i want to miss out on one moment of my childs life growing especially there first word/s etc.. sure help with the other things like cleaning and all those other chores but parenting NO thats an parents job ..and why wouldnt i want to be around him 24/7 because he would drive me insane:D..god lord he has to have his guy time with his friends ( male) plus i find being apart makes the heart grow fonder ..but thats my thoughts on an matter like this ..see i did say i was strange..


i dont know who are those girls with him and for his wife i dont know nothing.
Sorry......Didn't mean to get you panties in a twist Danistz. I have a curious mind and am nosey about these girls he's with. Maybe they're just translaters.