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Other Steven Seagal in Moscow for "Moscow International Film Festival" !!


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I can swear in Ukrainian (a little), because the high school I went to had a lot of Ukrainian kids, and I had to learn, in self-defense.

I usually know when I hear Polish if those speaking are swearing.

The only French swear word I know is the one for s**t.


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I've posted the photo from the Toronto Star, with their caption (it's the same one from the Yahoo source). He was sharing photo/caption space with Pamela Anderson. I know the fellows would probably have enjoyed seeing her; but I took the liberty of editing her out of the picture. I can always re-post the full picture, if you insist.... <grin>

The caption is the Toronto Star's, not mine, so don't shoot me.;)


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I hadn't realised it was the same one that you (suzi) had already posted, but hey. It's so seldom he turns up in newspapers these days (even with nasty captions) that I figured it was a worthwhile exercise.


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Originally posted by TDWoj
Okay, this time I'm going to be a little more gentle - Steven looks unwell, and exhausted. He's not taking care of himself, that's for sure - and it sure looks like no one else is, either.

Those photos scare me, a little.
I agree with you, TD...It makes me want to cry to think he is working so hard...He needs someone to pamper him, and help him out...I wish I could do it...That would make me really happy...Even though he looks very tired he's still looks amazing to me...:)


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Originally posted by tora
It was also confirmed there will be no Under Siege 3 and Seagal has a schedule made for 2 year ahead.There's no place for US3 in the list.
Oh, too bad about US3, I know my dad will be dissapointed to hear that...What's on the schedule? I am dying to hear all about him...Thanks Tora, my friend...:)
Hi my name is Heather, Iwould like to know if steven
ever sees these messages? If he did It would be great because it would make the fans think that he is really interested in their opinion.I just want to say that steven ROCKS MY WORLD.
He is a very fine actor/man and I love his groovy
clothes.P.S.could i please have a nice photo of him.
Heather members can add an avator & a picture under their postings...if you need help doing so just ask. If you look under user-cp is where you can make these additions.


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Lotussan said:
Here you go heather, I hope this works...

oohhh !! Lotus This is one of my favorite !! what a man and what a smile !!!!!
yaaaaaa this guy is really AWESOME !! unbelieveble !!

in oneness


I Belong To Steven
I think his clothes are very
groovy too, I want a chinese
silk shirt just like his...
Of course, I'd rather just have
one of his...
To wear as makeshift nightie
after a nice long honeymoon,
that is...;) ;) ;)


I Belong To Steven
Suzi, you are great!
Yesssssss it is a very
nice photo that one,
to see him smile is a
real pleasure!
It makes me soooooooo happy!
And I want him to be soooooo happy too!
You have made all of us (girls) so happy with the
gallery, Ooooh, he is so yummy, so very yummy!
Ohhhh Steven, I looove you soooo much baby,
sooo veeeerrry much!
Thanks 4 The News!

suziwong said:
No news but only photos !
From Yahoo News-Pictures

Actor Steven Seagal (news) listens to a question during a news conference at the Moscow International Film Festival in Moscow, Friday, June 27, 2003. (AP Photo/Misha Japaridze)
Friday June, 12.15PM.ET

Actor Steven Seagal (news) speaks at a news conference at Moscow International Film Festival in Moscow, Friday, June 27, 2003. (AP Photo/Misha Japaridze)
Fri Jun 27,12:13 PM ET

Nice photos !!!!!!!!! This guy is really magnet !!!!!!!! OMG he is soooooooo wonderful and soooooooooo cool !!
Now I changed my mind Now I am going to Moscow for this festival ;) !! Just for festival :D !! hehe !!

in oneness

Thanks for the news Suzi and Tora.

Just got to this today. ;)