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Steven Seagal joins Sheriff Arpaio in immigration raid in Phoenix today


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Friday afternoon Sheriff Arpaio, America’s toughest sheriff, needed to enlist the help of fictional hero Steven Seagal to crack down on immigration.

Stephen Seagal joins Sheriff Arpaio in hunting immigrants.
7 dangerous men and 3 women from the ultra-secret society of ninjas had to be taken down which required Seagal to don a black suit and gain the trust of the Shaolin leader, and after the Chinese New Year was able to infilitrate the society and let Sheriff Arpaio raid the community.

Ok, so the last paragraph was fictional, but the arrest of 7 men and 3 women, evil “illegal immigrants” have been arrested by MCSO with the aid of Steven Seagal. Seriously.

Welcome to Arizona 2011



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ORANGATUANG;206763 said:
Thanks Suzi... x why is his cap back to front surely not to make himself look cool ..if so he is already ...( :

that is just how the Big Guy rolls...cap backwards and all...he's no conformist


A little upset over the new article that says Steven is NOT on loan from Jefferson Parrish. Sheriff Newell Normand made a statement thru Col. John FOrtunato (the guy Steven rode with in Lawman for 20 yrs) that Seagal is "not" on loan and that he resigned because he didn't want to be investigated by IA for the charges that were evenutally dropped. You would think that after 20 years there would be some friendship going on between all of them at JPSO. They always looked like they were having fun getting the bad guys together and that they were a team. I think it stinks that Sheriff Normand is so bitter and felt that he had to announce that statement and also that he couldn't even do it himself...he made Col. JOhn Fortunato do it for him. Newell Normand is a SISSY! Grow some balls!


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I agree completely. As I have said before on this forum, I have done volunteer work with survivors of violent crime here in RI, and if I REALLY thought Steven had abused and or harmed a woman in ANY way, especially the heinous allegations made in 04/2010, I would not support such a person. You know, it is so interesting that he was accused of having "sex slaves".....yet part of his philanthropic work is having a home for children and adolecents that actually SAVES young girls and women from being sold into sex trafficking.....you would think his "brothers" in Jefferson Parish would know this information and use it to defend one of their own


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It is sad that his partners in Jefferson Parish would choose to attempt to cast him in that type of negative light....for 20 YEARS he was a part of them....I look at it this way, Steven has 7 children, a wife, a career, etc....so allegedly he chose not to go thru an IA investigation....(which I don't even see the BASIS for..as he was never charged/or arrested for these allegations)..it makes sense that since he was NOT formally charged, then why put himself and his family thru that type of investigation?