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"Steven We Love You"(off-topic)

Just dropped in to say love you Steven and hope that where ever you are hope you and your family are well ...hope to hear some more news from you soon we are going stir crazy here ;)
We have seen some pics ..thanks for that of course some fans are still not happy bringing up your weight ..think they should put on there little girl pants and suck it up for one i hope you never change ..love the way you are .... take care
Saw 'Into The Sun' last night on TV the first time is aw it i didnt realise that he actually sung one of his songs 'dont you cry' in it one of his best i think ...thanks Steven
what is it with actors that have to always look young and all that when there not? thats just to fake to me ..Steven why keep dying that hair it has to be your 60 not one grey hair or one hair out of place for that matter what you holing it down with cement ..why dont you go with the flow and grow old dis-gracefully ... some will love you even more ..me for one
Just popped in to wish Steven and his family an happy new year and look forward what he has in store for us in 2013...and just want to say that i have seen the whole season one of True Justice and shall get the whole season two when it comes out have to as the last DVD in season one it said to be continued ??? bugga:)
Oh! Orang! You have a Happy New Year too!....As for you post about dying his hair. I wouldn't have it any other way, but it's his decision...right! Just think no one questions it when a women dyes her hair. We all want to look our best, and keep that younger image. Have a great day Orang!
thats true girl..he knows whats best but still like to see abit of what i call
'salt and pepper' (little bit of grey) BUT still love him ..that wont ever change ..and you have an great new years day too...:)
Just want to wish Steven an happy valentines day and i hope he spoils Elle rotten she deserves it ....as for me its my first with out my husband and not looking forward to it..and it would have been his 61st birthday on the 25th this month ..and it would have been our 30th wedding annervarsy ..what this girl wants is an 'big smile' for Steven that will make my day ...
Happy Valentine's Day to you too Orang. I'm sure Steve will spoil her rotten, he has such a warm heart. As for this being your first Valentine's day without your husband. Please do something nice for yourself, maybe something that you use to do together; or just make it a "you" day.
I went to the beach late yesterday afternoon it was so relaxing an friend took her son there so i bummed an ride iam hacking up an pair of jeans making shorts out of them and find an old t shirt and going there agin saturday have like an little picnic there ..bet the seagalls will love it ...thanks Irishgirl
I hate the weekends its when i get an real case of the 'blues' my friends try so hard to help but the weekends is when i miss my husband the most as we used to go fishing alot, movies, or just sleep in till midday ..miss that :(..bummer
I dont know there is alot of mud slinging again Steven and at you whats new? just pisses me off oopsss makes me angry that fans can be that way like Barbara Ann said you are far from perfect BUT some of us love you regardless and if thats an crime then stuff it iam guilty ...just believe there are some fans here that will stick by you all the way ...thats for friging sure...
Guess while iam here i shal keep this thread going i didnt start it for no reason ..thats for sure where the hell are you gals? i see Irishgirl has dropped in come on show the love to the big guy ..i wont stop showing him the love and in the next chapter of under seige 3 : payback things are going to be heating up some ..oh yes indeed :)
Well well well !!! looks like iam the last 'female' here standing heck i would think Barbara would pop in here or Irishgirl or some other females oh well guess iam the 'one' then ... she would like some gals back here though...
Hate this cold weather makes one feel abit blue sooooooo i know an good thing to get out of that some of my story writting that ought to do it...

and where in the world are you steven?
just an word of warning to those big chiefs out there that have said iam to cease writting my stories if you think that iam getting rid of this thread i dont think so ....sure not many may post here any more but i created this thread and ONLY i can take it away ...if you think iam pissed off well yeah i have had alot of people reading my stories and tahst all they were stories its the only way i could connect with Steven as i know i will never meet him thats just reality not like an couple of other people which iam really happy for them and its som ething they can have for always and these stories i wrote were my fun ..but things come to an end all i can say is and no one can stop me is its your loss i had an lot more to offer now i cant be stuffed ..
No one seems to drop in here any more ...FB and Twitter seem to have taken alot of the females from here may see Barbara here now and then but no one else female wise ...i could close this thread but i wont cause ya never know when the gals may return and iam sure they would come here ...but good Orangatuang will keep the home fire burning ...;)