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"Steven We Love You"(off-topic)

Do you really know he is in Bulgaria, I could go after Christmas, he is not going to spend Christmas with his kids? Maybe all of them are with him.
If I were to go would you all think I am a crazed starker?


Potters Clay

I know you are Jalu..and that will be great Suzi to find out if he is there or not...us girls just want to know that he is safe and well..
Oh?....;)....:p Just kidding! (with all the hormones raging!?!:D)
Try again....stupid computer..hey Julie it could be scary because my hormones are always raging ..put him in an room with me an it would be an "bing-bang-boom"..and if his pheromones were out of control then girl it would be heaven....
suziwong said:
The Best Smile Alll Overrrr The Universeeeeeeeeeeeee

Any Objection ????? ;)
Nooooooo No way...babe!!!!! I agree with this smile, makes us up!!! LOL :D. In a tribulations days is our best medicine!!!! ahahahah :D Be traquil Sister, no one can compete with this smile!!
Look below!!!:D


Its an rare thing to see him really smile like this and when he does its soooooo worth it.
"WE LOVE YOU STEVEN".......ohhhhhhhh and just an special little kiss from Heather..XX.