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Other Steven's Current Location - 2005

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Jalu said:
Well...there was nothing wrong with my post. It is they way of cowards when one (or more) people choose to constantly delete one person's posts over and over for no valid reason. BTW, I was never told, and has never been told the reason any other time. As I said there was NOTHING WRONG with my post. I already stop posting here because of the same moderator deleting my posts. I have already touch the subject with Craig, and told him I will give it another chance. However there is not much to look forward to.
Nothing I said can be compared to what went on at the old site. Truth is there is preferential treatment for some in this place. For example you (Casey) have called people "stupid" and "idiot" several times, and that is fine if you do it. If Td was significant Seagal would be insulted of her attempt at condescension when she talks about him. But don't mind me...I have better things to do
Jalu - there was nothing wrong with my post either. I'm not used to "censorship" in my country - no lies were told, no gossip started, only concern for Steven's anxiety. It feels as though I'm considered an "old gossip" which is totally unfair. This is supposed to be a fan site, not a "state-run" organisation. Any more "interference" and I will leave for good.
I dont think just one person was singled out its just an sensitive thing i guess..time for us all to take an "chill pill"..like that song "Don't worry be happy"...Iam sure he knows that we are only being concerned hell we wouldnt be fans if we didnt..
TDWoj said:
A lot of posts disappeared, not just yours. End of subject.

TD This is not how you speak to people. I think you should be a little more receptive to others but instead you seem to be extremely arrogant and somewhat of a bully. Maybe you could use some of that writing "skill" of yours to express things a little more diplomatic than you have been. Tammy
Oh, And Craig if you are happening to read this (that is if it hasn't been deleted before you have a chance) most of the posts that get deleted are not explained and they are typically directed at a certain few. Please keep this in mind.

Mama San

Jalu said:
".........Truth is there is preferential treatment for some in this place. For example you (Casey) have called people "stupid" and "idiot" several times, and that is fine if you do it...."
There is NO preferential treatment for any member on this site.
We bend over backwards to make sure that everything is as fair as
possible for each and every member.

As for your second statement, show me the threads and/or posts.
It's my opinion that your statement is false but I'm willing to listen
to what ever you can prove.
God bless,
Mama san


Staff member
The posts were removed to protect Steven Seagal's privacy. If he is wanting the topic that has been mentioned made known i'm sure there will be more information on other websites in the near future, but we must respect his privacy for now.

I will close this thread now too as it's now 2006 and TD will add a new thread when the time is appropriate.
Not open for further replies.