Movies The Asian Connection - Steven Seagal, Michael Jai White (completed)


Director: Daniel Zirilli

Steven Seagal
Michael Jai White
Ron Smoorenburg

Two American expatriates, Jack and Sam, unwittingly steal a drug lord's money when they rob a series of banks in Southeast Asia and become the target of the gang's vengeance. When Sam is killed, Jack turns to the love of his life, Pom, and the couple becomes a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde that takes the fight to the gang.

Spring 2016


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To Daniel Zirilli

Your listed as a producer of End Of A Gun(another Seagal film) so could you tell me your involvment with that film and also a release date.

Also how much screen time does Seagal have In The Asian Connection

Daniel Zirilli

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To Daniel Zirilli

Your listed as a producer of End Of A Gun(another Seagal film) so could you tell me your involvment with that film and also a release date.

Also how much screen time does Seagal have In The Asian Connection

Im not sure how much time - but he is a major pivotal character throughout the film.... also- End Of The Gun, I'm an Executive Producer, I helped develop the script and came up with the title, put the first distribution deal together, and more but I don't speak for the project, but worked on it for years trying to get it made. thanks for your interest, daniel


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To Daniel Zirilli

Mr. Zirilli! Please tell us whether it was difficult to work with Steven Seagal? Does fighting scenes have Michael Jai White? Does Michael and Steven joint dialogues or fights?

P.S. Sorry for my English


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Hello Mr. Zirilli!

I'm really looking forward to the movie, I always like action movies set in Asia and it's great to see that Steven Seagal made a movie there again.

Did you have good experiences to film in Thailand? Are you planning to make more films there?


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I've seen the release date as JUNE this year, but not confirmed. Anyone who wants to add me on Facebook can just mention your site and i will accept them. I update my Facebook page when i have intel. Thank you, Daniel Zirilli
Ps: SS worked for hard on this film, and long hours. He also told me he put his heart into this one, so i hope that shows.

We are already friends on Facebook (I send you the trailer couple of days ago) :). I can already see in the trailer that Seagal put his heart into this one. He is not sleepwalking through this one like in some of his other movies. We see he cares....Thanks!


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Great to welcome you here mr. Zirilli. And thanks for sharing your info and insights on the movie. I am sure the members of this forum will be open minded for the film and will form an opinion on the final product.

The final trailer looks promising, so i'm looking forward to seeing it.



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I asked Daniel Zirilli some questions:

1.) How did you get in contact with Steven Seagal for this project? Did you approach him?
My producers put me on a call with SS through his management company. I pitched the story, and two different characters. SS gave me his feedback, and we were very much on the same page, so we made some revisions and he signed onto the film.

And how was he to work with? Rumours are that he can be a difficult person on set.
I come from directing hundreds of music videos, so from working with Gangsta rappers to Mick Jagger, I have no problems dealing with strong personalities. Seagal has firm ideas and a ton of experience in action films, so we collaborated. Many times we would do it my way, and other times his way- then best footage wins in the edit. He actually told me he worked longer hours for me than he had in a long time and that he put his heart into the Asian Connection. We worked well together, and I believe we will work together again. Another note: My stunt guys in Thailand, who have work with some of the best in the business from Jackie Chan on down, said Seagal hands were faster than anyone they know. He is an expert, and I welcome his input, as long as i can get what i feel i need for the story, we are cool.

2.) The same question goes for Michael Jai White :)
I’ve known MJW for a few years through my Los Angeles stunt team…(Arnold Chon and James Lew). I watch many of the UFC fights at MJW's house. We were close to working together in the past, and while he was directing Never Back Down 3 he saw I was in Thailand, so he asked me for local casting suggestions, which I gave him. Then I asked him to be in my film, and when he read the script and discussed the character, he signed on. We worked out his scheduling after his shoot, and he came in and killed it! MJW is an excellent actor- we both were very happy with his scenes and the experience working together. He is a pro.

3.) Is it difficult for you to work with a low budget?
Yes, but I have been directing / producing small budget films for a decade, so I think I’mi pushing the films way further than the budgets suggest, and trying to make cool films. I do not always make it easy for production, I like to move the camera alot, and change locations- so there are exotic moving visuals. The last 3 films I directed I am very proud of regardless of the limited budget: Time Rush, Crossing Point, and Asian Connection. They are all being released this year within 4 months of each other. Each had their changes, but i fought through them with a great team around me. I hope to step up the budgets and stars in my next films… I’m waiting for the right story, actor and budget before agreeing to direct my next one. I produce and write in the meantime. I have 40 plus films under my belt and 250 music videos so the more experiences i have, the better the stories can tell. I’m just starting to do the films I want to do, and I am very happy with the Asian Connection… and hope the audience enjoys it. I hope everyone gives the Asian Connection a fair chance by watching the film before they judge it. thats all I ask.

4.) Are there actors that you would like to work with in the future?
I really love action films with high stakes and drama (think HEAT and TRUE ROMANCE)... so want to work with the usual big names in action, but also- i love the Liam Neeson - Matt Damon (TAKEN, BOURNE) type of actor- a Dramatic actor, but crossing into Action films… I’m always pitching distributors to put these types of actors in Action (given, smaller Names). I can help them deliver on the Action, and they deliver on the drama and acting… I’d love to hear your readerships suggestions on Name Actors from Drama - who would work well in Action films… The actors can expand their range, and I get killer acting. so its a Win Win.

Also- I’d like to thank my producers, distributors, cast and crew. It takes hundreds of people from start to finish to make a film and release it, and each of them have an important job to do to help me get my stories told. And thank you for the exposure to your readers and action fans,

Kind regards. Daniel Zirilli


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I had no problems working with Seagal... i would do it again... and on MJW, and if you email me i'll tell you more... thanks
Thank you, Daniel Zirilli, for taking the time to visit this site and respond to questions. It is always very interesting to hear straight from the source about the films I enjoy. ASIAN CONNECTION has just shown up on Amazon for a release date of June, and TIME RUSH (REFLEX) is July, I think. Also looking forward to CROSSING POINT (Tom Sizemore, Luke Goss, Duane Whitaker). Your films have great casts and deliver good action. BTW, Reflex was retitled for US DVD as Time Rush - are you consulted on a title change, or do the producers call the shots on that? Thanks!


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You know what, I will not be surprised that this one will look a lot better then Code Of Honor (I haven't seen it yet), although the budget was smaller.