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The Expendables 3

EX3 Behind The Scenes videos (spoilers). No sound on Making Of B-Roll video.
This was a really great find, Mason! I watched about half so far and, even in the ones I couldn't understand, the action needed no words! :D

I liked what Mel Gibson said about it being kind of humorous and tongue-in-cheek and not taking themselves too seriously. That's exactly it!! This is what more of these top-name movie makers, executive produces, etc. should keep in mind. Less of these "lesson of the month, artsy-fartsy" movies and more escapism and action! Well, for me anyway. LOL
buggar its going to be another week longer i have to wait to see Expendables 3 but it will still be worth it some of my girlfriends ask me why do i want to see this movie? they say its just for the guys ..bull i say i guess i just know and appeciate good actors when i see them and love some kick ass action that shut them up:D
Honestly, with amazing pictures like the ones Mason is bringing us here, who the hell needs a trailer? :confused: :D By the time the filming is over, we will have seen enough pictures that we will know almost the entire movie before it or the trailer is released! LOL

I still think we could make our own "slide-show trailer"!! :D

As always, Mason, thanks!