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The Expendables 3


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I have just seen the trailer and it looks the worst one yet and its a 12/pg13 film...unforgivable IMO

I hope if Seagal does end up in one that its a R rated film


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I know, but the distributor confirmed it. A lot of Dutch sites first had 103 minutes, but today they all updated the running time. Also Empire from the UK: http://www.empirecinemas.co.uk/synopsis/the_expendables_3/f4103/
I prefer to rely on Lionsgate no matter what any other have to say. That way if it ends up with 126 minutes it will endeed be an big surprise and great. But I'm not getting my hopes up!! Lerner knows that less running time equals more showings in Theaters and means more Money, and since Lerner is so hooked on cash, I dont see it beeing over 1h45m. But we will see in time..