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Movies Today You Die Trailer

Well we know there is some dubbing because his voice is dubbed at the end of the trailer if anyone noticed.

But the action and the film will make up for that, it looks fantastic!!


The Writer
My Very Quick Review:

I have to work soon and then have another appointment so this will have to be short. First thing I noticed was the untied hair. This is always a bad sign since he looks quite weird. Has he lost weight? Well actually I believe now he has gained more weight. I don't mind hip hop music but it never fits in to a Seagal film so hopefully it's not throughout the entire film. The Action was very brief itself. But it seems to be more flips, twists, and arm breaks. Which is always good when compared to his usually "Slap Fighting" now days. But throwing the person through the window bit didn't sit well with me. Lately in every movie he does that I end up not liking the film. To me it's a sign or maybe I am just superstitious. And finally the much praised Car Chase ;) Well the explosions looked quite good so I have nothing bad to say about it. It might actually be better then the fighting in this film. And how can you not like the corny line "If you stop you die" ;) Overall this could be an extremely decent film but never will it compare to his older ones.

P.S Just noticed that walking away from the explosion bit that seems to have came out of Submerged ;) Once again I cannot say whether it will be good or not. But at the moment it looks like it will deliver the goods.


Excellent, Nick. :D Thanks! :)

"Wanna dance with the devil?"
"This is one crazy mother"....."

"Have you ever thought about anger management?"
"Yes, sir, I have, but this worked better." :D


Oh, I do LOVE Vegas. ;) :D


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Ever since I was late posting the Belly of the Beast Trailer this became my quest ;) I posted the Into The Sun Trailer and now this one. So I am happy :)


Master Of Disaster
Staff member
Looks pretty good.

Looks like an action packed movie.
I only thought I heard some dubbing of the man's voice again.

Great find, hope Craig succeeds in downloading it somehow (he usually does).

Hell Yeah!! This looks pretty good! But in one fight scene you can see that it is not seagal. Lets pray there are not as much stunt- and fight doubles as in his previous movies. But the trailer looks great. 3 Weeks to go for the dvd! Lets break some ****ing arms steven!! Lets get some!


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wowwwwwwwwww !!! excellent !!!!:):):):):):)

Seagal looks very handsome, tough, and good !!!!

I liked it.. I hope film will be great one..

Thanks Nick you made my day !!!! :)



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Deffenetly looks cool.Now I cant wait to see the film :cool: :cool: I like the bit in the end of the trailer where he slaps the guard an d he falls straight to the ground. It looked funny.. like *take a nap junior.* :D :D The armbreaking & stuff is deffenetly sitting well with me :cool: :cool: Seagal is back :cool: :cool:


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The trailer looks AWESOME!!!!! If you look at the trailer you can see that the movie has a different look then Steven's other films. I mean a better look. I saw good action and a very cool Seagal. The budget also looks high! Steven looks more interested then in Submerged. You can see that he is having fun in this movie. I can't wait to see the movie!!!
Man, you can even see the stunt double in the fights in the trailer !!!!

And remember, this was one of the two movies he was accused of walking off and ruining even more than they were, and the budget was decreased as a result.

Stunt doubles, rappers, dubbing..... more of the same crap.
I have a strong suspicison...

This movie was intended to go to theatres at some point. It looks a lot more professional than anything like OFAK or Into the Sun. Seagal is looking good, at least, as good as he has in the past few years. Judging by the quality of the trailer, the music used, and just the overall feel of the film, this might be just the thing to revive his career. It will be the same thing "In Hell" was for Van Damme. I may or may not check out, but at the very least, I will admit to being impressed.