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Other Twitter - Official Steven Seagal Postings


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Hey Peeps!! If you "Like" the Bluestock Festival page on Facebook...you can enter to win passes and a CHANCE TO MEET STEVEN SEAGAL!!!.......Ok....I'm calm now........NO I'M NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looks like some recent photos from the Astana International Action Film Festival in Kazakhstan : http://www.astanafestival.kz/index.php/en/qwe/173 View attachment 18690
Thanks Craig..i went on his twitter page and saw an pic that makes him look daggy he could have dressed up for the red carpet thing ..he is getting abit slack ;) as for the press meeting why so bloody serious ..smile Steven or are you afraid you might crack that make up you have on your face..:p

Hey what happened to that horrible pic...?