Where's TD?


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Still working, still packing, still panicking.

Only 9 days left before moving day. I had to hire a cleaner to come and clean my kitchen and bathroom because there was just no way with the volume of work I've been having to deal with, that I could do it myself, in time for the unit inspection tonight.

My boss paid for it, so that was even better.

Still, I had to pull everything out of the kitchen cupboards. There isn't that much cupboard space. So where did all that stuff come from?

For example: What, may I ask, is a single person doing with 22 mugs? My teacup and saucer collection is one thing - but mugs I use every day. But not 22 of them!

Unfortunately, there is no time to sort through them and figure out which ones I want get rid off, so they must all, perforce, come with me.

Dry goods, like pasta and flour and sugar, all going into the garbage. Don't want to chance taking any little friendlies with me when I go....

The stove and the refrigerator and the sink are so clean, now, I don't want to use them! I can always go out and buy meals. But it's impossible to avoid using the bathroom for 9 days... (ahem).

I still have two closets and my office/bedroom to deal with. The living room right now is so full of boxes, there's not a snowball's chance in hell of squeezing in one more box, anywhere. One wrong move, and there'll be serious injury done....

The big job is finally starting to wind down, but I'm not done yet. Not only are there stragglers to deal with (I can now tell you I'm working on election materials for one of the political parties for the upcoming federal election here in Canada and some of the candidates have only just realised they haven't got their information bits to us yet so of course there's a big rush to get their stuff done since we absolutely have to be done by the 14th day of the writ - which is Saturday upcoming) - I've also got work from one of my other clients that I haven't even started yet, and I have to have done by the 9th of June! And I'm moving on the 12th! Yikes!

-TD, frazzled

Mama San

You'll make it, TD!!
We have much faith in you!!
We're here for you if you need us!!
God bless,
Mama san


Aw shucks, TD. I was all set to come help you and look what happened! :eek:
Oh, man. I'm sooo disappointed. :D
What a difference six months has made, eh, TD?
Enjoy the whirlwind while you can! :)


My Hero.
Hang in there TD!I know what you mean!It seemed the more I packed the more there was to pack!LOL:)


Smile dammit!

Good luck TD. Better to be busy eh?
Don't forget a treat when you get paid.


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Well, you're almost done, take some breathers...And be sure not to hurt yourself moving heavy stuff...


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TD you will soon find yourself unpacking all of those boxes. I still have not figured out what is worse. Packing or unpacking. Be careful and don't hurt yourself, it's almost over and you will be happy when you get settled in your new place.


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TD I have moved so many times, 7 in 15 years of marriage!
I feel for you girl! :) I hope you will be very happy in
your new home! love, kat


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Oh, Amos, don't I wish! :D

Thanks, all, for your good wishes.

I went down today and picked up my keys. It finally feels like my place at last! I couldn't resist sneaking upstairs to have a look at the place, as long as I was there.

Query: Why does an empty apartment look so small....

I do have one big problem, though, that I wasn't expecting. The previous tenant had had the walls painted this hideous dusky rose pink colour, in all of the rooms. She promised to put a coat of primer on it before she left.

Well, she did. Sort of.

It must have been 3/4 water and one quarter paint because you can still see the hideous pink through the primer, not to mention all the roller strokes going every which way. (And there's no way I can blow it off and call it a 'wall treatment'. It's just ugly, in the ugliest sense of the word.) The door leading to the balcony is absolutely filthy, as well as all the other doors in the place.

Now I have to take two days off work next week to go in and paint the place properly, or else it won't be in a fit state for me to move into. I can't, at this point, really afford to take two days off work to do this, in addition to finishing packing - the office has to be the last thing packed because I'll likely have odd bits of work to do right up until the last minute. And because of my arthritis, I can't stay on my feet for long periods of time. And because it's a weekday, I can't get any happy helpers, so I have to do it all myself.

Oh, and my unit didn't pass inspection, despite the pristine condition of the kitchen and bathroom - I'm likely going to lose my deposit.

Drat. Drat. Drat.

-TD, telling herself that things will work out, but not really believing it.


Tough times ...

A friend of mine has been moving several times per year for a period of just around 5 years ... not easy.


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I have moved once since I got married nearly 17 years ago. I do not envy anyone who tends to move often. My husband is right I have too much "stuff."


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Definitely going to thin a few things out, though I fear the sci-fi collections are going to stay intact.

There's this old dresser. The drawers have long since disintegrated and I'm using the frame as a shelving unit. It's very well made considering the cheap materials it's made of. I know for a fact that it's as least as old as I am because there are photographs of it as a part of a bedroom suite that belonged to my parents. The rest of the suite has long since disappeared.

The only reason I'm hanging onto the shell is because it's the last physical link I have to my mother. I've been toying with the idea of disposing of it, along with the corner knick-knack shelf my dad built for me (it was his first carpentry project and my design) and the rocking chair my parents got for my grandmother for Christmas, which she was only able to use for a couple of months before she died.

I'm feeling lately like all of this baggage from the past is weighing me down. These things are not things I would buy for myself; but I feel obligated to keep them because of the family links. Maybe I've been watching too many episodes of "Clean Sweep"; but all of this stuff is choking me to death, especially since I can't afford anything more than the tiny apartment I live in (even my new one is only marginally bigger than the one I have now).

I've been toying with the idea of getting drawers made for the dresser - but I've been toying with that idea for seven years, and still I haven't done anything about it. The rocking chair and the corner shelf unit have been sitting in my friend's basement for 14 years and I didn't miss them a bit (had quite forgotten about them, in fact).

I'd like to sell the rocking chair; that way I'd know it was going to a good home.

The corner shelf? That's the hardest one to decide. I mean, I already have disposed of a bookshelf my father made for me - left it behind at the rooming house I used to live in a while back, along with a makeshift table he'd made out of an iron frame and a bit of plywood. But I left them behind in anger. Somehow, it was easier to dispose of, in anger, as I did the guitar my stepmother had given me. I feel guilty about it now; but of course, there's nothing I can do about it.

This is different. I'm not angry, just trying to be practical, and having to fight against feelings of obligation and guilt and loss is making the decision very hard. I mean, my dining room table that I bought myself from the now defunct Eaton's doesn't really fit in the new apartment, and yet I'm agonizing over the thought of disposing of it, as well.

It's a weird attachment to things that are meaningless in and of themselves and yet have meaning all the same. I know that whoever picks through my belongings after I'm dead will have no compunction whatsoever about throwing out all my bits and pieces - so why don't I just save them the trouble and do it myself now?

Weird things to think about five days before moving day....

-TD, still not packed

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You know what they say on CLean Sweep: Do you use it or are you just attached to the memories? Remember, No one can take the memories away from you. I'm glad to see you are finally getting to move soon and that work has picked up. I've been working so much and traveling the last month that I can't harldy seem to get online anymore. I miss dropping in and visiting with you all. Hope the move goes well!!

BB Lady
(Don't give your forwarding address to any of your special friends in the old neighborhood -- they might want to come and visit!)