why not?..


We all have our favourite actors right?.. and each and every one of us show our appecitation in different ways now i wonder what we would do if an actor thought of us as just more then an fan like genuine friendship what would you do? and what would there spouse think in my oppinion there spouse should just deal with that i mean its not like that certain actor is going to be knocking on ones door..i ask this as it has happened so i have read it would be just an wild thing to happen dont you think?..boy it would get my nosy next door nieghbour talking thats for sure..so to all those actors out there dont be shy let your feelings be heard to us fans..we are good listeners...


Well it would be just an wonderful thing thats all if actors actually got to know the fans and that..after all they are just like you and me just because the have got money and made an name for them selves doesnt mean they havent got an heart and an brain...speaking of which i wonder how steven bared up today after his birthday bash bet some sore heads and to that all i can say is i have no pity on him that is what i call self inflicted now lets all yell shall we iam sure he would love that..poor baby..(; (;


why not

Paltir does NOT speak for anyone but I he is right about one thing they cant read everything. Just put in something about how Ichigo is cooler than Chigo and hell probably read it.


i think that would be so cool we all could keep them grounded when ever they need it good friends are hard to find in that world