Why the hell i like Steven Seagal?


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I´m a 16 years old teenager from Portugal and i´m a fan of Steven Seagal since i was 5 years old. My dad always show me Steven Seagal movies and i love them. He´s the only actor that when is on tv, cinema or on a video shop makes me watch his movies! He is absolutly awesome and a good person. I hope he continues to make a lot of badass movies!

PS: Sorry my english ;)


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Well, we all love Steven too, and I KNOW Steven Seagal does Karate...because his body is KICKIN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Welcome to the site. You'll get to blog with some of the best Steven Seagal Fans in the world. I agree with Craig your English is well written. :D


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Thank you everyone! Is too bad that Steven is getting old, but he´s still in shape to kick a lot of asses and make movies of it. He is a avenger!