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Would Elvis like Steven Seagal?

As we all know music king Elvis Presley was a black belt in Kenpo Karate.
Now on Tuesday Elvis had been dead for 28 years.
I ask myself whether Elvis would like Seagal if he were alive.
What do you guys think?
uhh.. maybe? That's quite an out-of-leftfield question if you ask me.

But since you brought it up, I have a question: Would Elvis duet with Steven on Songs from the Crystal Cave?
I think that Elvis was a better martial artist than Seagal is a singer.
But Seagal is a good song writer.....
He should give up acting because he won´t get an A-studio to make A-movies.
He should continue his music career.
It´s a shame that Seagal is making movies such as Mercenary or the sequel to his mega-hit:))))) "The Foreigner"(Black Dawn)


Staff member
How did you came up with this decision... ?????
Did you have the chance to work with Elvis to find he is a better martial artist ??? :D

Mama San

Elvis was well trained and so were his "bodyguards"!
They all trained together. "Buy" his blackbelt? Never!!!
Elvis' greatest love was his music.
I think that he and Steven would have had a mutual respect for one another.
Especially where their music would be concerned. Steven would have also
shone respect for Elvis' age.
God bless,
Mama san
Elvis was a good martial artist.
To pay for his belt is just laughable and typical for Suzi.
Suzi lives in her own world as we all know.
She really thinks that Seagal makes great movies.
That´s long ago little lady!!!


Wacky on the Junk
Charles Bronson said:
Elvis was a good martial artist.
To pay for his belt is just laughable and typical for Suzi.
Suzi lives in her own world as we all know.
She really thinks that Seagal makes great movies.
That´s long ago little lady!!!

Who peed in your Wheaties?
Elvis was a good entertainer. Martial artist? Hmmmm....I'll get back with you on that one.

I'm sure Suzi finds it laughable that you called her "little lady." I know I do!
i read in a Martial Arts magazine that Elvis learned American Kenpo;
which is a fantastic Art;with the Late Ed parker,the foundr of this style!
Elvis was rightfully promoted to first degree Black bet but afterwards he was indeed paying for his ranks!
He was not actually giving money,rather making some presents to Ed parker!
For instance he gave a Limo to Mr Parjker for his 10th degree Black Belt!
I don't think saying that downgrades Elvis!
In the past people would pay for their ranks,however,they wer given the knowledge
associated with their ranks,for which they had paid!
It was less hypocritical than now,I think!
I Love Elvis,he was probably the bes tsinge rin the World!!!
One day,at a concert there was a fight,Elvis jumped from the stage into the audience and kicked some ass,the following day many people told the story of sucha fantastic jump!
the quality of the jump kept on increasing with the days,However,I think Elvis was a very talente dsinge rnand Martial artist!
If Elvis wer alive today,he and steven would have great fun playing Music and practising Martial arts together!
just my two cents!
hello mama san,Glad to hear from you!I missed you!
Hello i am a great fan of both steven and elvis ,I think that they would have got on very well they have a lot in common not just martial arts . but music . but as astrology signs capricorn elvis . and aries steven . have the same sense of humour and like playing pranks and kicking but . god bless . sheila

Donald Lee Wilkey

A Steven Seagal fan
I agree that Steven Seagal and Elvis Presley would have collaborated both martially, musically, and spiritually on a good note if Elivis Presley was still living presently on earth
regarding Elvis' karate

Hello, I was curious aboiut the topic relating to the legitamacy of Elvis' ranking in the martial arts as mentioned by a few members in the "would Elvis and Segal have liked each other" forum.

I have read an article that states Elvis studied karate while in the army with a Shotokan instructor named Seydel. During 1958 Elvis took private lessons with Sotokan blackbelt Tetugio Murakami.

According to the article, Ed PArker introduced Elvis to a military instructor named Hank Slomanski. Dan Inosanto, one of Slomanski's students stated that there was no disputing Slomanski's reputation as a very powerful and tough karateka. It was Slomanski who put Elvis through a 6 week "marine style" exam to determine if Elvis was worthy to attain the rank of 1st degree blackbelt. According to Innosanto, the exam consisted of fuul contact sparring along with very grueling exercises.

As Innosanto contiued, Hank Slomanski had Elvis involved with a full contact match, no protective equipment, with one of Hank's top instructors. After Slomanski's instructor floored Elivis with a hard body shot, Slomanki saw a very determined look come over Elvis' face and he got up to continue. The fight was stopped shortly afterwards but convinced Hank Slomanski that Elvis had tremendous heart and desire. After completing Slomanski's exam period, Elvis was awarded his ranking.

Apparently, this award from a recognized figure as Slomanski in the karate circles legitimized Elvis credentials. As the article stated, the karate community had sreious doubts after singer Ricky Nelson received a blackbelt ranking from Bruce Tenger. Everyone was saying how the ranking was bought, admittedly from Bruce Tendger himself. Having Elvis test with Slomanski seemed to have silenced evryone in karate at the time.
Wheter this type of testing is adequet enough to acheive blackbelt, is a valid point. However there are many in the martial arts world who have supposedly studied a style for years but are not capable of withstanding a street fight. So, there seems to be more than one way of determining blackbelt legitamacy.
It may also be true that instructors Elvis had afterwards may have promoted him well beyound 1st degree blackbelt for their own self interests.

No one can answer whether or not Presley and seagal would have gotten along together based soley on their mutual interest in the martial arts. There are quite a few martial artists around who continue to verbally abuse other in the business, namely the most popular and well to do ones.

It is easy to taunt and question the expertise of martial artists who gain their fortune by way of becoming movie stars. This is probably done because it draws attention to oneself as the "karate expert" who questions the abilty of Seagal, Norris, Don Wilson, etc...
Can he?..yes Elvis did make an couple of good movies ...hard to beleive Elvis has been gone so long its his aniversary today of his death 16th August...