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Wrong Turn 2

The first Wrong Turn was awesome, I thought. A bunch of forest-dwelling mutant freaks, and the violent demise of some college kids. A good old fashioned gore-fest in the vein of some of the better Friday The 13th movies.
I love horror movies but some can go overboard..not like the old days with movies like Physco, all the Friday the 13th were good Freddy was an crack up...one recent one i saw was 'The Hills Have Eyes' now that was good wonder if another one will be made it was left open...
Yeah - I think Hills Have Eyes 2 is in the pipeline, H. If I'm not mistaken it concentrates more on how the mutants came about after the nuclear tests in the desert.

I was never really a big fan of the Nightmare On Elm Street movies, but Friday The 13th is awesome!

The best Friday The 13th movie I thought was Part VI - Jason Lives! That movie was awesome! I remember staying up till like 4am to watch it on TV when I was younger. It was such a cool and funny film and Alice Cooper did the soundtrack too. :cool:

"You're with your baby,
And you're parked alone
On a summer night,
You're deep in love
But you're deeper in the woods!"

G-Man :D


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Jeah the Friday the 13th Franchise is very cool. I own the hole Series on DVD. I really like the old ones better. Like Part 3 or Part 4 with Corey Feldman in his younger days.

Lets hope they make another one. But I would like to see Jason back in Cristal Lake slashing teenagers:)

I read that they wanna make a movie showing the younger Jears of Jason. Friday the 13th the beginning or something like that. I hope they drop that one. I mean, common! Who wanna see Jason as a 10 Jear old boy?! I think thats bull****! Always when the studios run out of ideas they start over again.

On the top on my wanna see list this year is HATCHET with Kane Hodder. I`m sure this one kicks some serious butt.

The cast is superb: Kane "Jason" Hodder, Robert "Krueger" Englund, Tony "Candyman" Todd etc.

The teaser trailer is up:



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I recently re-watched Wrong Turn 2 and found it a better film than I remembered. When I originally saw it I wasn't that impressed however a friend recently told me that the sequels get better as they go along so I thought I would give this another try.

I absolutely loved the first film and while this isn't as good, it is both gory and entertaining. It does well in expanding the backstory of the deformed mountain men while the reality TV spin on the storyline is also effective. The characters themselves are pretty predictable, although I think that adds quite a bit of humour to the film and the marine character is a good idea too, someone who is nearly the equal of the mutants in terms of strength, skill and weapons. The ending of the film suggests a sequel so I look forward to watching Wrong Turn 3!


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The marine seargent character in this made me think that Seagal should do a film like this where he battles against deformed mountain men. He's pretty much pissed all over his own career now so make it a bit tongue in cheek like Machete or something. Surround him with lots of young babes who don't mind getting topless and young hunks to do some of the lifting and it could work. Maybe the first in a series of Seagal vs films, could have him fighting against zombies, giant crocodiles, vampires, aliens etc. After all Dolph has his shark movie, this could really work for Seagal, heck he needs something right now!