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  • thanks Craig ..glad to hear that even though he is really being an ass right now doing his normal no shaow at movie sets.. naughty ..but iam hoping he will show up sooner or later..
    Hi Craig is this site still going strong? by that imean i noticed that they was an donate button on the site? whats that about ? hate to see this site disappear not after all the work you have done and is there going to be an xmas theme this year? thanks...:)
    What happened to the forum talk? where you can talk and post things at the top
    Sorry to bother you Craig says I have insufficient priviledges to post a new thread. What's up with that. How can I start a new thread?
    Hell i have been supporting him longer then all of his wives have at about commitment :) i need an medal..
    Yes i guess ..thats hwy he hasnt been doing much because of this pupppy thing ..oh well we will see just because iam annoyed at the moment still love the big guy that wont change ..hell after 8 years i think i can be annoyed at him abit
    Hi Craig hope iam not being too out spoken but sooner or later we will get some news we hope with that puppy thing iam hoping he didnt have anything to do with it ..
    Hey Craig! Is there a spot on the site where I can put up Steven (and other cast included) screenshots of True Justice? I need the sensai's permission first ;)

    See you 'round! :)
    I'm not gettin my updates on my email either. What's going on? I'm missing out on some goood stuff here.
    Hey Craig ..... why can't I see the writings in beige anymore? You know when you reply to someones comment and it shows what the question or statement was that you are replying to? Its all jumble up and I can't read it. What's up?
    Hey Craig I was in the photo gallery and it said this at the bottom.."You have been unsubscribed from this category. You will not receive any further email notifications. "

    What's going on? Can I post photos or no?
    Craig, excuse my lingo, but f ucking typos has decided to appear on my recent thread. It should read; Seagal secures and endures his cinematic career, not "end". Can you help me edit this? I just tried using the edit button and it didn't allow me to re-spell the word 'end' to 'endure'. Thanks C
    lol .... oh i can feel the ...i think we can blame the way we act on the big guy he is the bad influence i was an good girl till i came here ..adjusting halo
    Hi Craig just so you know iam going to stir the pot tonight just that some one sent me an pillow case with an pic of Steven and in the love you steven thread iam going to stir up the girls abit ..just so you know and i dont get banned ( :
    Craig, me apologeez, but this 'xenForo design isn't cutting the Steven Seagal mustard. Am praying u'll add Steven Seagal avatars and photos and more of SS to whatever new design u come up with?
    Craig The old Forum was updating itself eventhough I sign in morning an stay until late hours. But this new one doesn't refreshing. I have to do manualy. No problem .
    I want to learn this.
    Best regards
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