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  • Hi Greag,Steven Seagal now that MamaSan is gone.
    I see that on Facebook,i let him a message,that all his fans pray for her on this site and that che whas a great women and that we gone mis her,i sent him that on Facebook.
    Lovelyxxx and great HUGS my friend.
    Thank you very much Greag and i hope that 2010 is a great year for you to my friend.
    Good Morning Craig! How was your birthday? Hope you had fun.... I was wondering, if you still have my email address, can you teach me a little of the scottish language? For example, type out the phrase in English...then below it, the phonetical spelling of how to pronouce those same words & phrases....1.Hello, how are you? 2.good 3. where do you live?
    3. let me introduce my self, my name is... 4.GOD Bless You! 5.Nice to meet you.....

    If you could, that would be so nice. I would LOVE to learn some of the Scottish dialects spoken in the region you are from. Hope you are having a Blessed Day@

    Love Stacey
    Happy Birthday Greag,have a very great day to day and many years by and sucses and good luck , and celebrate that good
    my friend.
    XXX Lutje.
    Happy Birthday, Craig! May it be a very Blessded Day for you, full of wonderful surprises and many answered prayers.....!

    Love Always Your Sister,
    Hi Craig! Hope you had a Blessed CHRISTmas & New Year Celebration with all your family & friends! Happy New Year, My Brother!!!

    Love Always,
    Happy Newyear Greag,i hope that this year a perfect and very good is,and i whis you what i cant and cheers my friend.
    I changed e-mail address,of news is you to make the rectification.Has all the Administrators "Happy New Year 2010".:)
    Hello, I wish you a happy and successful year 2010. .... I have a question. Will you be able to get "a making of The Keeper" for this website? I have just bought my dvd with The Keeper, but (as ussually) there are no special features, so this site is my only chance to get and watch this Making of(if it exists). Bye
    Hello Greag.
    I whis you very much good luck ,happynes and very much sucses and.
    Lovely Kisses and Great Big Hugs.
    Hi Craig! How are you? Well I hope! Sorry I haven't been on here in a while but I am so extremely busy. I sent you some pictures from my professional photo shoot taken 12/10/09 of last week. Did you receive them yet? Let me know. Was hoping you could help post them to my page on here, and iin my album: One picture by my User name and the other 7 in my album. If you can help, let me know. TY!

    Love Your Sister,
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