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    Craig, what happened to my photos of Steven that I uploaded? Can I upload more photos somewhere?
    Hi Craig! Hope You are Doing well... have missed hearing from you... I am doing well, following my heart..pursuing my dreams..with Many Achievements/Accomplishments and Dreams come true... Hugs, My Friend. Love Your Friend, Stacey
    Hi Craig, hwo do you do a friend request in the new site? ANd it says you're not following me??? What's that mean?
    Hey Craig, hope all is well :) a review thread for "Machete" would be awesome, just saying lol

    How's it going Craig? Long time no see. I wish Machete had been his film not just what looks like a cameo. Still,sharing the screen with a legend like De Niro it has to be the success of Lawman.
    Hi Greag ,this Lutje here i whant you to say,,that is not good whit Suzywong my friend,che is not good ,i talk whit her 15 minnets a go on the chat up facebook,maby che have cancer my friend,and i hope that the fans here pray for her?
    Thats the message that i have from her,lets are pray i now what it is,i save my brother from that,he have that to,and the opration him and gives him gemotherapie,and he is good now,and i hope for Suzywong thats all comes good whit her.
    Kisses and big hugs from me.
    I have a problem everyday I have to send to have my passwordd reset. Problem is I don't remember what it is. What is a girl to do?
    Hi Greag ,i thank you and the Steven Unoffical,for the Birthday whisses that the sent to my,i now this my day to day.
    Thank you my friend.
    Kisses and Big Hugs.
    How many more threads do I need to create in order to get that 5th and last Orange box lit up next to my avatar of Steven Seagal in my profile/account?
    I think that some of these blogs might be getting a little out of hand...? Don't you think?
    Hi Greag Have you my emeal that i sent to you my friend.
    I have that this evening on emeal that the sent to me.
    I stand Soo Stil ,what Stevens is ex-wife Kelly lebrook whant to do,che go Whritten a book abaut her and Steven,and this comes not good.
    When i have more news ,i sent you that my friend.
    Lets us pray ,and stand after him and support him.
    All his fans the are all freinds for him ,,bilieves me.
    Lovely Kisses and Take Sensei.
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