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  • Thanks Chef!
    i don't get told I'm fabulous very often. Mostly my supervisors frown at me and ask me why I am doing things the way I am. That is the plight of the PhD candidate. ;)

    There are some contradictory things in the various posts. I would prefer to make this be about His Ways that are truly, His Ways, not the way of the ultra violent blood seekers.
    Seagal Addict has some great ideas, and of course Myst is helping us pull all this together.
    For some technical reason that I don't understand, i can't get "in front of the fire" to you. I REALLY need you to have an off-site email where I can send Word docs. And, I am going to follow your advice on the poor man's patent too.
    Hi Chef

    Two PMs coming your way - first one just sent. I have also sent the same to MM.
    On a roll - will check out posts later. Feeling much better today - I think I just ate something that disagreed with me. Thank you for your concern!
    Hi Chef Jim
    Thanks for your messages and posts. I am only here for a few minutes, checking emails and things, but I am really not feeling well today. I thought I might feel better if I got up and did some stuff but instead I feel worse.
    So, back to bed for me, with a cup of tea and, I think, Fire Down Below.
    I will do the things you requested when I am feeling better.
    Anyway, gotta go for now. I'll catch up with you later.
    Btw, did you happen to read my post, I think it is under We Love You, about happiness?
    Some of it is directed to you.
    Not this August, Jim. It is too soon. Maybe next year??
    These things take time...
    Thanks for the PM. Your suggestions are all good, and I will look at them with a view to implementing them a bit later. I have some other things I need to get done today, but don't worry, it's all a go!
    Hi Chef! Thank you for the invitation to be your friend. Yes, I would love to be your frined...I've read some of you post and have been meaning to send you a PM...Just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day, with all I'm dealing with...but no matter, we all seem to have the same problem, not enough time in the day to do everything we need and want to do. Maybe we can freeze the clock for a while, LOL! I may not have a very good sense of humor, but I meant that as a pun since you have been into cooking and your screen name is Chef (freeze food...freeze time, get it...).

    All joking aside, since I'm not good at it anyway, I couldn't quit catch onto what you and Michell were talking about but the part I did understand, had something to do with saving horses from being illegally drugged, that could lead to their death and is aslo CRUELTY to an animal!!! I remember seeing a show about that YEARS ago, but can't remember the name of the organization that saves horses and helps enforce laws on treating them humainly, while in the care of their horse racing owners.... I will do some checking on that, soon as I have a chance, and get back with you. I do love to research & read/study as much as I can, I Love animals, I Love Horses and my dad use to raise/have/train horses until one broke his back accidentially - when I was 5 years old. Just let me know specifically, what you need help with and I will do what I can. I am ALL For Amimal rights, Human Rights, In-Utro Human Rights To Life Rights, and Respecting/Preserving/Protecting our Ecosystems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep up the good work, good ideas and encouraging us to all pull together, to Make A Difference In Our World... It is one thing to just say we support a cause BUT QITE Different to Actually Be Active and Do what we can, with All Our Heart to support what we believe in. You are definatelly an Activist and Not Passive. All it takes is one starter Ripple of water in a pond, that spreads and grows and exceeds past that one little spot where the ripple started... I am not always that good at conveying my thoughts but I hope you know exactly what I mean. All I am saying is that all it takes is just ONE person to start something important, with just one idea, that has far reaching and far lasting effects that will & does make a difference! If we all do our part, it is NOT a Burden on any one person. Obviously you meditate and pray a lot, because you come up with great ideas for helping animal rights!

    Hope yall have a Blessed Day. Hi Michell! And Hi Myst. I enjoy Mary Higgins Clark, too. I read "Loves Music, Loves To Dance" , by her, when I was in college. Her work inspires me. She is a really great Mystery Writer! See Yall Later! I gota start winding things up, on here, so I can do last minute preperations for my son's & mine, trip to NOLA.
    Love Always Your Sister, Eagle/Stacey
    Hi there Chef

    I have been compiling all the posts/messages relating to ATWIHW in a Word file on my computer, so that they are all collected into one place.
    How's things going for you, btw? You didn't sound too happy the other day. Maybe it is time for you to seek a new job??
    There are many ways that you can help people outside of the world of customer service. And NO excuses from you either! You can be whatever you choose to be. Sometimes it is hard, but if you follow your heart, you will find a way.
    Hi Michelle,

    I got kicked out and when I figured out how to get back in the post was gone.
    I replyed to WalMart- I worked at Target Corp. for a time so I feel the same way but we cann't change the World.
    I went to HI for a work thing for my wife-tough assigment. While in HI I went to The ABC Stores. THey are on every corner there. I thought Target could trump Walmart by opening a Target Store based on The ABC Store concept in HI. Then people could walk to the neighborhood stores to get milk... There would be bus lines developed to carry folks all around this would cut our oil use and help save the Earth for our future generations.

    That was the post thanks for the chance to repost it.
    Involving the community of this site is a great idea. There are many creative minds here, and we all have one thing in common - we'd all love to see Steven make a really great movie all about Him!

    I don't know about including your previous project. I am not a fan of Wal Mart (or Mall Wart as I like to call it). I am for more in favour of promoting the return of the local corner store.
    However, we will se how things go.
    I am still (unfortunately) plowing my way through a crop of term papers - some good, some dreadful, one or two excellent - so cannot get into this much right now. But I have a few ideas: one, as you saw in my post on the forums, is that Steven finds a fan within the racing world. I have also been thinking about whether we could include some sort of horse-napping incident, but I don't think that is very common in the racing world. Illegal drugging, perhaps, might be more plausible. It could be that rather than having Steven drop his guard momnetarily, he witnesses an illegal act involving drugging of the horses during a tour of the facilities, and things go from there. This could provide motive and intrigue, and certainly opens the door to international involvement.

    My real name, incidentally, is Michelle. Tigerfeet is taken from a 1970s rock song. You will have to discover which one for yourself!

    One other thing will will have to consider at some point is whether or not to go through an agent. I have some contacts in that field in London, but not here in North America. I do know someone who might be able to recommend a NY agent if you want to take on the responsibility of contacting one there. Otherwise, I can start asking around to find a Vancouver agent.

    That's all I can think of for now. How's the email quest going? Have you signed up on Yahoo? You could also go with g-mail via Google, or an MSN address through Microsoft. Yahoo has unlimited storage for free, though, and Google does not have a great security record. Yahoo in my opinion is the best option.
    I was just thinking, if we are going to make this a collaborative effort, it might be a nice idea to donate any money generated to a horse rescue charity.
    I don't know whether there are any specifically for race horses, but it wouldn't matter all that much, just as long as it was a reputable horse rescue centre.
    That might also be something that would catch (and hold) Steven's attention for the idea.
    I don't mind the legwork at all (could do with more exercise, he he.)
    Researching and writing is what I do. Your project is high on my list, don't worry. We'll put something together one way or another, even if it ends up taking awhile. I would expect to spend at least 6 months on it, given that either you nor I can commit to it full time.
    But it will happen.
    Not in it for the money, Chef!
    It is your idea, so you get any cash that comes out of it. I will send you a private message with my email address, as that might be a better way to correspond.
    Hi Chef Jim

    You k now, I really do think your idea has a lot of potential. If you have the time, maybe we could work together on putting together some kind of proposal for a script. Send me a private message if you want!
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