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    Television Lawman - Limited Collectors Edition

    Thanks Craig. It's been very frustrating finding info about the UK release. Play and other sites have 12 episodes listed with Firearms of Fury and Medicine Man listed as one episode. No info as to whether there's any anamorphic enhancement either. Most of the UK reviews I've read (including...
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    Television Lawman - Limited Collectors Edition

    Noticed something curious...the US DVD has 13 episodes and the Australian one has 12, missing out on Medicine Man. I've tried to find out info about the UK DVD episode listings but can't find anything. Does anyone know if the episode is on the UK DVD release?
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    Television Lawman - 2nd December 2009

    Just bought the Australian DVD release of the series and am happy to report that, unlike the US release, it's in anamorphic widescreen! The packaging is terrific too. It's a foldout digipack in a slipcase with embossed lettering.
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    Kill Switch - Reviews

    My favourite part of that review...
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    Review: Marked For Death

    Yeah I know what you mean. The UK and Australian DVD versions are missing the following... - The fight in the department store between Seagal and the Jamaicans is missing an arm-break (3 secs). - The night-time raid on Screwface's house in Jamaica, has lost another arm-break (6 secs). This...
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    Review: Marked For Death

    Orangatuang, you might be disappointed by the Australian DVD version. We got the same cut version that the UK did.
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    Review: Marked For Death

    The blu ray release of this film is the best version yet. It looks and sounds great. No extra features but I wasn't expecting any, seeing other Seagal releases on blu ray don't have any either. This release is compatible with Region A and B players (not sure about C) which makes it an essential...
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    What's it take to be a Steven Seagal fan?

    My preference is to keep the theatrical releases and the DTV era seperate. Most of his DTV films have been disappointments to me with the exceptions of Belly Of The Beast, Into The Sun, Urban Justice, Pistol Whipped, Against The Dark (to be fair, that's not really a Seagal film), Driven To Kill...
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    What's it take to be a Steven Seagal fan?

    If we're talking about his later DTV films, I like Steven Seagal movies where he appears to be totally committed to the film. The ones I like least are those which involve a lot of post-production tampering as well as dubbing and the use of body doubles to 'complete' his performance. I know of...
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    Thanks for creating this new section Craig.
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    What's it take to be a Steven Seagal fan?

    Hi Donald. I guess it's like anything in life...if someone you care about is making bad choices, do you just keep encouraging them for the sake of being positive or do you point out constructively that you think they might be indulging in unhealthy behaviour? With a film, if you find it...
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    You should definitely get a copy of the book, Ruthless. I can't recommend it highly enough.
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    What's it take to be a Steven Seagal fan?

    What does it take to be a fan of Steven Seagal? I've been a fan of his for some time now and like anyone or anything I am a fan of, I'll applaud him when he's done work that deserves it and I'll be critical of him when he's done something I think isn't worthy of his talents. I can't put a...
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    No worries, Norrie :)

    No worries, Norrie :)
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    Should Seagal return with Julius Nasso?

    I don't think Steven needs to work with Nasso again in order to make good films. Recent movies like Urban Justice and Pistol Whipped marked a return to better quality Steven Seagal movies, which demonstrates that he just needs to work with people who are dedicated to making really good action...