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  • Just in case you do log on before the new year.

    I hope you have a good, safe and happy festive season.

    x :) x
    Hi Halyna! I've missed you very much. Sorry I have been so busy and without a computer, at times.... I will be sending you a PM tonight or either sometime tomorrw. I will be praying for your daughter and her family! Take care and tell your Mom hello for me.

    Love Always Your Sister,
    Hi Heather,
    Just returned to Londond from rome a week ago and already there is trouble in my daughter's household. she has had enough and will ask her husband for either a separation or divorce, with 3 young children it will not be easy, i feel so down about it all, but stil pray on a daily basis they can work things out.I work so hard at her house, but today got away and had a great aromatherapy massage and fell asleep.
    hope you and the Seagaals are well and happy and I'll be in touch soon.
    Hi Halyna
    You sound so busy but it's a happy kind of busy with you family. I think it sounds like you are having a great time.
    I Ching sounds interesting, I know nothing about it but it seems like it is a useful tool for focussing the mind. Perhaps the answers are within us but we don't usually realise it.
    Enjoy your trip to Rome, that is a place I would like to visit one day along with a whole list of others!
    Take care
    Hey girl havent seen you around is all alright?.. its hit and miss to catch up but now iam here drop me an line girl..boy have you been around lucky you ..
    Hi Sue,
    How nice of you to drom me a line or 2.
    Yes, have been in London since 10th august, just returned from a week's holdiay in sunny Malta, with my daughter and her family.The sun and beaches in Malta in the Mediterranean made up for the bleak summer weather in London but I have experienced wors in London last year when we had nothing but rain for 3 months and other parts of the Uk had massive flooding, so thank God for his graces. At least this year we have intermittent rain and some sunshine.

    It has be absolutely great reuniting with jy ffamily, in particular doing the granny thing with my 1 year old grandaughter and 4 and 6 year old grandsons, there was one other "peak" in the trip, my son and his family were there in a crossover at my daughter's house for a day and we all c aught up.

    My daughter and I are planning to getaway for a week to Rome and do some siteseeing , plenty to see in rome, lots of history and arts.
    last time i was there they were restoring the Sistine C hapel and we didn't get to see much, now I'm really looking forward to it.

    Sorry I haven't had much time cathcin up with this site and I don't get to the internet often. this is one rare occasion that I can get to an internet cafe b ecuase my grandsons started school today and my daughter and I are a bit freer after the school drives and in between while we wait to pick up the boys.

    Life is hectic in the household, lots of cooking, baby care, and fun and luaghter while doing masses of laundry, in particular in b etween one load and another, after holdiays there's always masses more to do.

    I really enjoy London, I love going to watch the live jazz shows and the theatre, say Mama Mia the other day on film and loved it.such a fun film, a bit scary to see Pierce Brosnan sing! but Meryl STreep 's voic e is great.

    On hets hooked on London , even the traffic jams, the expenses one gets into. I would really love to move here though , it would be an exciting city for the music, arts, theatres and love jazz.

    I wonder if Steven Seagal will get to London soon?

    I am planning to retrun to Hon g Kong for 2 weeks in the early November, and fly to Perth in Western Australia in late November , then to Mwlbourne after the New year with my husband, we want to have Xmas and new year with family, my daughter and son's families are flying to Perth to escape the winter in England, and Anton , my son does the obligatory visit to Perth for his wife's sake and stays with his mother in law for a week, we will then get together all of us.

    Life is good , but my duaghter is having reall issues with her self, come to a crisis, in mid life like all of us do, and can't wait , going on a fast train to re invent herself, her career, so much so that she is so stressed out in making too many decisions at once, I'm glad I'm here to give my opinion once in a while only when appropriate and when asked, as i have a wealth of experience and been through a lot myself.

    Yesterday Tania, my daughter lost her precious jewellry bag, it had so many precious things in it, she freaked out, couldn't remember where she put it, she is so scattered these days going through her "stuff", we sat down with my book of changes, the oriental oracle book called "I Ching" I use it sparingly now only when I have to to give me good advice for choice making , She shook the coins and \i did the reading, it took her mind from wandering and being scattered to a place of calm and step by step lead her to find the answers she wanted, it helped her to trig her memory to the exact place and time she last handled the jewellry bag. She thguht it was a miracle but I know the I Ching, there are no miracles, all the answers lie within us, it helps to elevate our scattered minds, full of baggage, past and present to a place of calm so a higher state, the higher self i call it, and the answers are found within ourselves on that higher plane of consiousness.

    I know during this trip to rome we can come to some solutions in decision making for choices that will lead Tania to a higher state of choice making experiences.

    Love you, say hello to the girls in the band at SS' lite.

    Love and best Wishes, Halyna
    Hi Halyna
    I read that you are in London now. Not good weather and it must be a change in temperature from where you have been recently. I hope you have a good visit her with your family.
    Hi Halyna
    Just read your post & it reminded me of many happy hours spent in Camden town. I love the market there!
    We don't have markets like that here. Say hello to Camden town for me while you are in London!
    Hi, I'm still missing you. Just how slow does that boat go?
    I hope you are having a good time.
    Hi Halyna
    I hope you are enjoying your slow boat in China.
    Missing your posts round here.
    Have fun Halyna and behave yourself!!:) And be careful on that slow "boat" to China!!LOL:D

    I'll miss you

    Love ya

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