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  • We are having temps into the single digits!! I am freezing my little tush off!!LOL:D Snow and ice coming tonight. Don't think I will leave the house unless I have to.

    Try to stay safe and warm.

    Waiting for SPRING!!LOL:D
    It was an eventful Christmas after all. On Dec 24 a 76-year young man (trying not to be offensive) decided that he didn't have to stop of a yield and rear ended my car so bad that his front end was in my trunk. Needless to say, it's totalled. 98 toyota corrolla down the drain and it only had 106,000 miles on it. Just had it inspected too. Messed my neck and back up really bad. Chiropractor stated that it almost looks like the letter "C". I need some acuputure to help the pain. I'm going to talk to him about that tonight. Oh!well, I have to get back to work. See ya!
    It's so cold here that the heat pumps are going on emergency heat. That means the pumps are shutting down. My Christmas was very eventfull after my last entry. Dec 24th a 76 year young man tried to beat traffic while I had stopped at a yield to let traffice pass by and rear ended my car so bad, he totalled it. My neck and upper back is so messed up. The way the xrays look my chiropractor was surprised my neck wasn't broken. So I'm I. It looks like the letter "C", not quite but close. I start therapy tonight. Hope he does some accupucture to settle the pain down. I don't like taking muscle relaxers. Yuck!
    You are so right about Christmas.

    My little town had 7 inc. of snow while I was gone. And were I am at right now, we had ice,snow and bitter cold temps.

    Right now it is snowing again. Wondering if I make it home on monday?
    Same to you. We have had 10 inches of snow here in PA and it's really cold. Santa? Haven't seen him in two years. No Christmas to say for this year either. Hard times. But it is Christmas and it means more than the presents.
    Wishing you a very "Merry Christmas" and a very "Happy New Year". May Santa be good to you!!:)
    Because we have received more that 10 inches of rain here in PA these past 10 days canoeing had to be post poned until Memorial Day weekend, but Pine Creek looked at its best and it was very tempting. The Grand Canyon of PA came alive when I was there, everything was in bloom when I left . I did some creek fishing and hiking. Oh!, and the bear! We were all sitting outside on the front porch and this 250 lb bear came up to the porch around 10pm and was sniffing under someone's chair while they were sitting in it. We told him there was a bear behind him and he didn't believe us until the bear put it's front paws and lifted himself up. He then got down and tried to get into the back of the pickup truck and then walk away and layed down about 50 yds from us. Too, friendly!! Someone has been feeding him. So, needless to say, we were all packing our handguns on us all weekend and kept a shotgun handy. I'm so glad we didn't have to use it, he is a beautiful animal.
    Hope you are having a great holiday, the activities sound fantastic! I've only been canoeing once and that was such fun. I like hiking up mountains too but the worst thing I get attacked by is blisters! Looking forward to hearing about it when you are back.
    Thank you very much, Sue. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, but we're busy passing around an intestinal bug here at work and I quess it was my turn. Yuk!
    Hi, I'm a bit late saying welcome but I'll say it anyway ...
    Welcome to the site Irishgirl, I hope you have good times here.
    I know what my grandfather said about the subject, but since it cannot be repeated over the internet I'll just keep it to myself. HA HA LOL LOL
    Thanks for compliment re: my avatar photo ! This is actually my favourite and I have it , same size as A4, hanging on my wall ! Why don't you have a look at my album and see whether you can upload a photo from there - if not Myst, would be good to contact for advice and directions regarding this ! I actually assumed that you were living in Ireland, and i am trying to think what Steven Seagal said about assumptions !!!! lol !
    Thanks so much for the warm welcome. Irish Coleen to answer your question I'm from the east coast
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