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    Your Top Ten Tough Guy Actors Of All Time

    I thought I would start this topic to see besides Seagal who is your favourite Tough Guy actors of all time. Here is my list-: 1* Clint Eastwood 2* Charles Bronson 3* Lee Marvin 4* Steve McQueen 5* Arnold Schwarzenegger 6* Robert Mitchum 7* Sylvester Stallone 8* Gene Hackman 9*...
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    Other Official Site is Opened !!!

    Hi Folks. I have just been over visiting the new site and I think it is terrible! It is not a patch on the old one, at least it was a lot less cheap looking and easier to read and follow but this new one looks like its been designed by the work experience boy! I actually liked the old...
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    Belly Of The Beast

    My Opinion On "Belly Of The Beast" Quite liked this latest Seagal STV film and thought it was his best directed film since "Exit Wounds". He really threw himself into the action scenes and although there was a bit of fight doubling, he was doing things which I thought he was past doing ie...
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    Good News!

    Hi Folks! Having saw a few pictures from the Koreon film which Seagal is starring in "Clementine", I think he looks to be in better shape than he was in his 4 previous movies. To me this can only be a good thing. BTW whats this about a Mountain Dew ad? Has this been made lately or is...
  5. M he really a good martial artist?

    You would'nt happen to be Senator Trenton from the official message board, the guy with the Don 'The Dragon' Wilson fixation. If you list "Bloodfist IV" as one of your favourite movies then we'll all know.
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    Ten Rules of a Steven Seagal Movie.....

    Hi Glimmerman. Yeah, that was a good documentary and Seagal came across as pretty affable and not as pompous as what other people make him out to be in interviews (he could be in real life, who knows). I liked the way he was complimentary of the film crew around him without resorting to...
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    Out of Reach alternative title?

    I 've just had a thought. Imagine if Seagal's character name in this movie was Willie Shafter! LOL. Only in a porn remake. Peace. MMCK2 (suffering from a double entendre disorder!)
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    Ten Rules of a Steven Seagal Movie.....

    Hahahahaaahaa! I found that article amusing especially the point about the excessive bone snapping in his films. Sure, there is an element of pisstake contained in it but come on, it is not malicious and at least the author of this admitts to liking Seagal and lists his good points rather...
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    Seagal, His movies, and sex

    Marg Helgenberger did actually pass comment on him in an interview. She said something to the effect of that he loved to play mind games but she did not explain or expand on that. I can't really list a source but I remember someone on the old board had an extract of the interview. MMCK2
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    ringo lams early movie

    A bit of trivia here for you rastafari but did you know that "City On Fire" was the movie that inspired Quentin Tarantino to make "Resevoir Dogs". Nearly every critic states that Lam's film is superior to Tarantino's, so I'm assuming its pretty good. Peace. MMCK2
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    Updates on "Out Of Reach" and "Unleashed"

    According to the ActionKings website "Out Of Reach" is being filmed and was formally known as "The Rescue" and "The Package". So that clears the confusion up a bit. It is to be released next September. Also, "Unleashed" is being produced by Ringo Lam as well as being directed by him. It...
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    bad boys 1 - 2

    Hi rastafari. The first "Bad Boys" is really good and is one of the better "Lethal Weapon" clones, because like that film, the two leads (Smith and Lawrence) have great chemistry and trade banter well without becoming annoying. The humour element is played very well between the two with...
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    derailed is just crap

    I see you rate Van Damme's films pretty much as highly as I would GlimmerMan. "Bloodsport" and "Kickboxer" are awesome, certainly classics of their kind and "Lionheart" is better again, with a decent storyline and supporting cast to go along with the martials arts. Even Van Damme's...
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    the hunted

    GlimmerMan, I see we share the same tastes in excessivly violent action epics. LOL Like you, I would have to say it is on of the most violent films ever passed in Britain with a 15 certificate, I mean, the knife fight at the end between Jones and Del Toro was f**king barbaric! I really...
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    the hunted

    Hi rastafari. I saw "The Hunted" way back in May on a bootlegged DVD disc and thought it was awesome. It is about a soldier who served in Kosovo played by Benicio Del Toro who starts cracking up after the horrors he witnessed in the war and goes AWOL in the forests of Oregan and starts...