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  • Thanks for your words, Pandora, glad to read it. Hope you to be good, all the best & take care.
    Hi girl sorry to hear about that are an tough buggar any tougher you would rust lol...iam just about back to my old self after my op cant keep this chick down have to be back to my old self her eto keep giving Steven an hard time ..he can handle it he is an big boy in more ways then one (-.-)
    well hello stranger how the heck are you?.. sorry i ahvent emailed for an while but still think of you alot..
    Yep - been very good as usual LOL! Winter coming so more time to rewatch all my Seagal DVDs.
    Haven't been in here for ages - can't download the Today interview with Steven (sigh).
    What sun?.. its trying to rain ..and wouldnt you beleieve just when i get rid of all the weeds ...
    I had a wonderful birthday thanks - an old school friend from way back came with her hubby in a mobile home and we spent a few days catching up on old times. Took a while to catch up on lost sleep and gain my normal voice back LOLOL!!!! Plus I ate too much and the wrong things - oh well, extra walking exercise for me when the heat of the day wears off. Very hot here in NZ but it is summer so can't really complain eh?

    I hope you have a good, safe and happy festive season.

    x :) x
    I'm up for an hour (4.15am) - son just leaving to go milking and his clatter woke me up so having a cuppa before going back to bed LOL!! The rain is watering my garden for me this morning - much better than standing around with a hose.
    NZ is just great at the moment - the Prime Minister is out of the country LOLOLOL!!! Summer is here and it's hot and sunny and my gardens are growing well. Still trying to get used to retirement - the days seem to go just as fast as before. Looking forward to Xmas this year without having to work so damned hard. Can't wait to put the tree up and decorations etc now that I have time for it.
    I'm back - been away again a couple of times - son had teeth out and hubby had a cataract operation. Just got back from that and am very tired plus have a real bad cold. Don't worry, still dreaming about THE MAN !!!!!
    Hey girl come back here .. miss having you around wish alot of the old mob would come back too...see ya kiwi girl..
    I had a wonderful time away and dressing up was great - wouldn't want to do it all the time though. Didn't get to bed until 2.30am lolol! Grandies were wonderful and must admit after 4 hours of being hugged, questioned, climbed over I was exhausted. Can't wait to see them again though. Hubby had a double hernia op a week ago and that means no lifting etc so I have to keep my beady eyes on him as he is so damned stubborn. Oh well, no long travelling for a while I hope.
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