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  • Good Morning Suzie! How are you? I jsut wanted to wish you and your family a Happy New Year! I pray you had a blessed New Year celebration with all your family And that this year will be even better than last year! Thank You for all the pictures and updates of Steven, you share with all of us, here on the site. It is greatly appreciated.

    Love Always Your SIster,
    Thank you very much my friend,i whis you very good luck and all what i cant whis you for you and your famely .
    Happy Nieuwyear 2010.
    Hi suzy my very best friend ,how are you
    This a long time that i heurt from you my friend.
    I hope that you sent me a message .
    lovely kisses and take sensei and take care.
    Hello my very best friend Suzi.
    From me and my famely ,i whis you very much sucses and good luck and happynes and i whis you and your famely .
    And Lovely Kisses and Great Big Hugs.
    I've enjoyed your website. Can anyone become a "memebr", or a "friend" of yours? Would enjoy becoming more involved.
    Best Wishes,
    Hello my friend ,how are you i have see you here not enymore.
    I have news from Steven Seagal,he is bussy whit making a new cd
    and that cd gone be raedy in the spring nekst yaer,and he is bussy to whit prepaer a tour to and i hope a world tour.
    I let you now when i have more information,i have avery good friend
    and che sent me that are che that on the chat,we do that in pravecy.che have very much contackt whit Steven Seagal.
    I let you now when i have new news from him.
    Lovely kisses and Take Care.
    Hi Suzy my very best friend.I have Steven Seagal Adress
    And that is Steven Seagal .
    Steamroller Productions INC
    1438N. GOVER ST.
    Bidg. 70,RM 222
    Hollywood,Ca 90028 USA.
    Now you kant you sent him a letter.and i hope that you are happy my friend. lovely kisses and take care my friend.
    Hello my very best friend ,how are you ,this a very long time
    that i heurt from you.
    Lovely kisses from me.
    Hi Suzi! Can I email some pictures ot you, to post for me on my page and in my album. I can't seem to get them posted and I seem to be having trouble sending them to some people. If so, send me a PM with your email address and I will send them now. One is of Steven Sensei and Me, in NOLA-

    Thanks! Love Stacey
    Hi ... just off to bed iam .. been an very long day at work today and have an early start again tommorrow ..have an great week girl xx..
    Hello my friend ,whats happend whit the chat box ,i go see there and i see no chatbox,i kant not chat whit friends,are the banner me out there .kant you sent me in my post whats happand.
    Ore is the chat close for me.
    Lovelyxxx from me. Lutje.
    Hello my friend SuziWong,i thank you very much ,what you have done
    for my you are a realy good friend ,i see what you have done, you now what a talk abauth ,i see you cleane the chat ,thank you and olso to Graeg ,thank you very very much
    you are a raely good women and a graet friend from ,and i hope that the other friend talk whit me back.
    Lovely xxx from me and thank you .
    hello my very best friend ,how are you
    i hope real good and fine, this a long time that i heurt from you.
    Lovely kissesxxx from me and
    Really Important, Do you know anything about Aikido Martial in the Spiritual Sword Fighting Teniques...If so, do You know of any web sits that show some of these Spiritual Sword Fighting movements... IT is Symbolic of Spiritual Warfare...I need to see some of those movements....So any web site suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Love ALways Stacey
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