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  • Hi Suzi any news on the big guy are our super spy if i ask you nicely can you post some real nice pics in the 'pic of the day' thread thanks i dont know about any one else but this girl needs an seagal kick..mmm better be careful saying i need an seagal kick he may take that litetary and kick my butt ..he can try.. :) :)
    I must hurry up and get ready to leave shortly... so please post an answer on my page or in a PM... your suggestions are so greatly appreciated! Love Always Your SIster,
    Hi My Sister! How are you? I am trying to incorporate some strength/endurance and muscle toneing exercises into my daily routine. Do you have any suggestions the will give me the fastest, best, most lasting results? Think Self-Defense purposed, too. I would appreciate your advice and any web sites you recommend. Love Always Your Sister,
    Hello my friend Suzi, i thank you and Greag ,for sent me my
    birthday whises today this my day to day ,thank you very very much.
    Lovely kisses from me.
    Good morning Suzi..iam not normally up at 5.30am my time but have to tend to an matter ...brothers what can you do huh?. when i do see him today iam going to hang him by his short and curlies for not telling me sooner..
    Good Morning Suzi! I'm in a hurry, as always! LOL! Just wanted to stop by to say hello, while you were here @same time as me. How have you been? Me, still dealing with a lot because of my abusive X, BUT OVERCOMING! I testify against him in court on J. 23, so please pray...he is becoming more vindictive, the closer it gets to court trial! My children and I WILL HAVE THE VICTORY! Thanks for all your prayers!
    Hi Suzy ihope all is good whit you.
    Let me now my friend,are sent me a emael if you kant.
    Lovely kissesxxx.
    Hello my very best friend Suzi.
    I whis you a very happy happy motherday to you.
    Have a nice day.
    Lovely kisses from me for you and your famely.
    Hello my very best friend .
    I thank you very much for your nice words that you sent me
    in privecy here ,thank thank you very much.
    Lovely xxx from me.
    Hello my dear friend Suzi.
    This is Lutje here, i want you to say,that no one want to talk whit me
    on the chat,and that say Annelies to me on the yahoochat,and she say that iam a stupid women and i dont wy, i did nothing wrong,she say olso to that must stay a way from here and no one dont want to talk whit you enymore and stay a way from here, she sent a message in my yahoo chat,i have friends the see that to what che sent to me.
    this is very painfull for me ,that no one talk to me,is that a friend that i have the do so to me,this is not nice and bauthiful from her what che do.
    I hope you kant help me that the talk whit me back.
    I mis that sooo.
    Lovely kisses from your best friend.
    And take care .
    Hello my very best friend Suzi,how are you , ihope rael fine
    i mis you very much.
    Lovely kissesxxx from me.
    Hello my friend ,this is peaceful day to day.
    HAPPY EASTER to you.
    Lovely kisses and take care.
    Susie I love all the pics you have posted in your album. I don't know how you get them but keep them coming.
    New member falconredfeather
    Hi Suzi,whe must think on the birthday from Steven Seagal, his birthday is now friday than he gone be 58 years old.He is a very great wonderful man.
    And i and all the fans here loves him sooo much
    Lovely xxx from me my friend and
    Take care and sensei.
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