A Dangerous Man aka On The Run - Reviews


Good story , Good ammount of fight scenes, pretty good performance of seagal.

its just the dubbing, but even the dubbing was pretty good..but please no more dubbing in seagal movies!

i would probably give it a ... 7 out of 10

on my opinion the movie is just as good as the keeper which i gived a 7.5, but the dubbing in a dangerous man would make it a 7



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I am a Steven Seagal fan, I love him and I thank God I got to see him in person and also I got his autograph, he is amazing singer, as well as a great actor.
The full movie has not been taken down from youtube yet. It has got over 3 000 viewers. That is awful. Can anyone contact the studios to remove it away? They are loosing own money. Please stop it!


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I just watched A Dangerous Man and it was very good! I think it would do well in theatres. I think it is one of his best in a while. Rock on Steven!:gun:

and my fav line...."just let me go by or I'll f**k you up ugly" and boy did he
I watched this film about 2 days ago and eventually, I enjoyed the film throughout. I even chuckled out on some of the performances that Seagal pulled off including his lines where he has been saying f*** several times. I haven't seen that in a long while where he was always limited on profanity in several of his film especially in the late of his prime time.

This film was a solid action film and thought it's better than The Keeper. I loved the opening sequence where the pacing was at its breakneck speed. However due to the opening which sometimes movies would sum some things up to lay out what's going to happen later in the movie, I felt this film needed to add few more things in rather than running at 94 minutes. It could have went up to approx 110 mins if they add about 15 more minutes in to fill in few of holes in plot for example, Seagal could have raced off to find his wife who left him and face her for whatever the reason is, it could have been a really good drama aspect of the film. If this part has been added in, then the whole film would made into a better film overall.

That's the only compliant that I have with this film is the missing plot hole of his wife. I know it has been mentioned that his wife left him but it could have made things more interesting if Seagal approaches and faces her at the end of the film and tells her off. It could have been important because it is an issue that continues to rave around in today's world with relationships such as betrayal and cheating. Adding a dramatic aspect in a Seagal film could make something different for an usual Seagal film so why not?


Hell, I'm way behind, only just got Ruslan and that took 5 months to get! Worth it though. Even hubby liked it.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the bad guy's comment of Shane Daniels, "He was a big guy. He must have been an Indian". To see Steven Seagal wearing a native american coat with a paciific northwest coastal native american design at the end of this film was very inspiring to me. I love Steven Seagal's appreciation and acknowledgment of the native tribal peoples in the United States of America