hi, new member from Australia


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my name is Ben, im from Sydney, Australia
im 22 years old.
been a fan of Mr Seagal's films since I was young, right alongside the Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee classics
strong interest in martial arts, ive had to take a bit of a break though from training because of some injuries, but looking to get back into it, and may get into Aikido.
don't know if I have a favourite film of his, I really do enjoy watching any of them. i guess particular favourites i can think of are "Under Siege", "Exit Wounds" and also "half past dead". there was also another film which was primarily centered in Japan with Yakuzas Im pretty sure it was "Into the Sun".

Aside from Mr Seagal my interest is in a number of Asian actors, consisting of Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, Ti Lung, Danny Lee, Lo Lieh and Jimmy Wang Yu to name a few.

Anyway, my best wishes to everyone here.


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Yes, Donnie Yen isn't too bad either, and also Jet Li, but some of the real classic Asian actors might be old enough to be Donnie Yen or Jet Li's father or possibly even grandfather.