HPD in Europe/Germany?


Here in Estonia they translated as Poolsurnud which means "Half-dead" and in Russia they translated it as-and I will translate it back from Russian-Neither Alive Nor Dead


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Interesting... I think they should just stick to the American titles, it would be a whole lot better...It just seems to lose it's oomph in the translation...


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It is not always possible to stick with the original (English) titles, as they do not always exist as a sensible translation in other languages. For example - the literal English-French translation of Half Past Dead is Moitié Après Des Morts, which, when translated back to English is Half After Deaths. The English-German translation of Half Past Dead is Hälfte Hinter Toten, which, when translated back into English is Half Behind Dead Ones. So you see - it is not as simple as just translating the title, as what makes perfect sense to us, may mean something completely different in another language.


And by the way,some other titles of Seagal films translated into Russian sound completely different from the Original.For example they translated Fire Down Below as -translating back into English-Fire From Hell.Also Out For Justice was made sound like In The Name Of Justice.And Executive Decision sounds like An Order To Liquidate...And Hard To Kill-Despite Of Death.