James Bond?


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Does anyone likes James Bond movies?

If yes, what are your favorite movies and actors?

My favorite movies are "Licence to kill" and "The Spy who loved me". My favorite actors Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton.

"Casino Royale" was also good, Craig did a good job.


Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. I thought that Casino Royale was much better done than the Bourne movies as far as action movies go and im really looking forward to Bond 22. And of course Sean Connery was great and I grew up with Roger Moore.
I always liked Timothy Dalton - The Living Daylights was my favorite. Casino Royale was excellent too and I look forward to what Craig will do next. However, I wish the producers had let Pierce Brosnan take more risks when he was Bond - that would have been cool.


For an start there is only one James Bond and thats Sean Connery ...and my favourite movie of his is 'GOLDFINGER' ...there was another james bond you an aussie by the name of George Lazenby...not surprised he didnt crack an mention..


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I'm a masssive Bond fan and own them all on DVD.

Best movie(s) - Living Daylights, Live And Let Die, Russia With Love, Casino Royale and For Your Eyes Only are my favourites.

Worst movie(s) - All of the Brosnan ones apart from GoldenEye were pretty poor, especially the final two - Die Another Day was one of the worst Bond movies ever! Moonraker was bad, Diamonds Are Forever wasn't much good either!

Best Bond - Dalton (made Bond a credible action hero again after the latter films of Roger Moore went horribly wrong), closely followed by Daniel Craig.
Worst - Lazenby. Nuff said.


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I've been a Bond fan since I was a kid and it's not surprising seeing that my parents named me after Sean Connery (true!). I like most of the actors who played Bond but Sean Connery and Daniel Craig are my favourites. However, my favourite Bond film is On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Lazenby may not be the best actor in the world, but he does what's required of him well enough and he's outstanding in his fight scenes and the emotional scene at the end. As for Roger Moore , I like his films very much when I want to see a more tongue-in-cheek Bond movie but A View To A Kill is just bloody awful. Brosnan is pretty good and I really like Tomorrow Never Dies. I don't care for the Timothy Dalton films much. He is much too serious for my liking and seems ill at ease with humour. Licence To Kill is probably my least favourite Bond film. It's more like a Miami Vice episode than a James Bond film.


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Yes ofcourse Sean Connery and also Pierce Brosnan was also a very GREAT Bond, James Bond ;)

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My least-favorite Bond movies:

The Man With The Golden Gun
Diamonds Are Forever
License To Kill
Quantum Of Solace