New Movie: Foreign And Domestic


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That would be cool. There was a thread a couple of weeks ago where some member mentioned that Steven would film his own kind of Expendables movie....Maybe it's this.

Nicolas Cage is not really A-list anymore....he does a few STV films

but i know what you mean I dont see Seagal in it but its the only Film i could find being filmed in alabama in August


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This is a long shot I know but could FAD be

1.Its filming in Alabama in August
2.Its a Hannibal Pictures film
3.McTiernan was involved with Pellicano like Seagal
4.The plot of Red Squad could easily be called Foreign and Domestic
5.Its said to have an Ensemble cast(I read that there are 7 main people in the mercenaries team on the script) and maybe Seagal will take a support role

Its just a guess but it would be nice to see Seagal work with a legend director like that

It is probably Lewis Meeves who made that Red Squad Imdb page. He seems like a person who likes to get on Seagal fans nerves..


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Red Squad is a real film...its been rumoured for a while now

Although there is a film on IMDB thats in Pre Production thats clearly not true called tick tock death clock


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Wonder if he directly works on this movie after he returns from his holiday…or is he back now?