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  • Hello Ann
    Yes winter is just around the corner like I said I hope we have a long fall maybe I'll get some of my stuff done. I think I'm good at the parents house for now. Had 2days of just peace
    and quite and watched films. Need
    to make out a new list of things
    for at home and get motivated
    here again. Have a good time while
    your at home.
    Heheh! Thanks a lot, Ann! :) I'll try to be angel and to get a good, no, best marks to my subjects - yours words is motivation to me! :) Ok, I'll do it! :)
    Ok, Ann! I'll be good in my future and now too - oh, today was one of my favourite subjects - English, we have rememer about our summer and have done grammar tests!..

    Yeah, I wish you good luck too, Dear Ann!.. :)
    Yeah, Ann! My studying started great - I was glad to see My classmates, friends.. Now I'm little sorry, that summer had end, but, from another side - studying also very nice and interesting thing!

    So, I like it - 3rd course, this course - the last in my studying at the collage - then I'll go to University or to the army (mobilization to the forces starts from 18 years old in Russia)...
    Hello Ann
    You made it home in time for Labor Day Good. OH the weather here has been great!!!!! Have accomplished alot here and at the Parents home. But and there's always a but;
    I still have to many things at my
    place to do I hope it's a long
    fall I do need the time. Fall
    is my favorite time of year and If I
    were still 12 years old I would go
    Trick or Treating love Holloween.
    Well I hope you catch up on all the
    stuff you need before you jet off again.
    Take a break and have some fun in-
    between jobs.
    Hello Ann
    Well I guess your off and running again. The weather here has been just like fall for the last 2days, spent it on the mower(just got it out of shop).Haven't had to run the AC
    which is great!! Well off to the
    parents and do stuff over there
    while it's cool. Have a safe trip.
    I wish you all the best, include good frame and power to doing job! :)
    Yeah - today isn't bad weather - sunny and warm! Hurah! I again feel summer, - season, which will get end very soon...
    Will your rest at home? Oh - and what do you think about that? It's good, or bad? ...
    HAVE A NICE DAYS, Ann! :)
    :) Thanks a lot again, Ann! :)

    It looks like, that the weather of Cansas state came to our city - it's raining, cloudy and little windy... But I hope, the weather will change coming soon! :)

    Be good, Dear Ann! :)
    Ann, You just like me in views at this life! :) I'm so glad, that I know such people,like you! Yeah, but it's some raining today, so I'm happy, when hear same words about optimistic life! :)

    Oh, Ann! Yesterday I have seen with my family a Mel Gibson's movie - "Braveheart" - powerful and very serious movie - if you haven't ever seen it, you can watch it on your freetime! :) It's movie about freedom, bravery and power of man's soul! :) I liked it :)
    I was just looking its coming up to another year i have been here soon whats that make it 6-7 years gee what fun i have had here ..hope that people feel the same way about little me..
    Yes, My school started yesterday, And to day we are going to the Zoo :D hahaha, yes Im in 9th grade, not 3th :D ;)
    Hello Ann
    Glad you made it back safe and sound. Well little sis left today to go help her Mother-in-Law, I think she had enough of me for 4 days LOL.But maybe some good news, we looked at a
    house over by me and she
    liked it so I took pics and
    downloaded them to her
    hubby, they are trying to relocate
    back in Ky. I will keep my fingers
    crossed. It would be nice to have her
    around again. I think LOL LOL. Caught
    ya later have a good weekend.
    Hi girl good to see you back ..iam getting busier at work and school so only here now and then..must put more to my story soon..
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