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  • Kuh-Knee-chee Wah! Oh-high-oh guh-zime-us! Sorry I haven't been on here in a while, but haven't forgotten about all my friends on here. I've been very busy.... Hope you had a blessed CHRISTmas & New Year celebrations with all your family & friends! Happy New Year! Have you visited Japan any, lately? If so, can you share some of your photos with us, from Japan, in your photo album on here. I would love to see some of your photos from your travels to Japan.

    Love Your Sister,
    Hello My friend how are yuo,this a long time that i see you here
    I hope you have a very good vacantion.
    Lovely kisses and Take Care my friend.
    doing much better now - I had surgery in Feb and other life complications slowed me down for a bit - but now I am fine - did you really want that much information?
    The troops seem to have deserted the ship of fools - it is very quiet here now.
    hi my friend mc ,this is great you have a big famely
    and thank you my friend for sent that in my post, and i
    hope that we kant chat whit eachoter here .
    Lovelyxxx from me.
    Hi my friend, how are you Mc, this a long time that we talk togeter , this is a bautiful avatar you have and i see that you have japanes friends.
    Take care myfriend.
    Did you get a holiday form signed by anyone before you left Martin? You've been gone over a week without prior permission. :D
    hey smc how are you? sorry because i did not sent messages to you..i whoz very very busy..hope you not made to me..besos! que cuidar de amigo!
    hello Mc ,je kunt mijn taal al goed praten er zijn nog wel wat foutjes,maar ik zal je er bij helpen mijn beste vriend, ik ben er voor u te helpen,ik dank u vriendelijk voor het andwoorden in mijn taal,de nederlandse taal.
    Je vroeg mij ook hoe oud ik ben , ik ben twee en vijfig jaar oud,maar je bent nooit te oud om bij te leren.
    Ik dank u for sent mij een berichtje in mijn taal.
    I thank you for sent me a message in my landgauge.
    and i hope i see you on the chat, i hoop dat ik u zie in de chat,than we kant talk togeter ,dan kunne wij terug praten met elkander.
    Groetjes and hou u goed mijn vriend.
    Take care my friend.
    Hi MC how are you ,this a long time i see you on the chat
    this very stil there,when you come back on the chat my very best friend.
    Take sensei.
    Oh you look cold deary, stick the heating up a bit higher.
    Or something like that.
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