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  • Hello My Sister
    Just dropped in to see if you were back, hope you make it safely back. Am on a throwing spree my little sis is coming this afternoon and boy are we going to get rid of alot of stuff
    at my house need to get ready
    in case the folks need to come
    here this winter.
    Hello Ann
    I sure you have alot of thing that your catching up on. I've been busy also. Just stopped to say Hi.
    Hi Anneliese you will be chuffing off again in an couple of days right?.. safe travels girl ..
    Hello Anne
    Glad your back. I just got back from my Brothers lake house in TN had a relaxing time, and cleared the old head out. My place needs mowing also it rained here for 2 whole days
    non-stop before I left Fri night.
    Maybe you'll get things caught
    up while your back home.
    Glad the weather is better there.
    My Brother and his wife are in
    Colorado for 2 weeks and their having
    a blast I hope they bring back plenty
    of pictures for use to see he's always
    forgetting batteries. Oh I see you
    had a B-day sorry I missed it hope you
    had a good one. Wel getting late
    Thats great girl iam pleased you had an great birthday..for an bit of fun on another site i did an quiz to find out which hidden warrior i have in me i had to laugh when it gave the results iam an NINJA so look out whom gives me the willies..and that includes Steven too i would love to give him an lesson..or two..
    Hi girl just stopping by to say i missed you like i miss those other fine girls did your birthday go? i see no one mentioned it here ..
    hi, sorry i only just got ur message u sent on my birthday!thank u very much,was great day,well week actually as i had week offwork!
    Hello Anne
    Glad to see your back. Had a family reunion this past weekend Mom and Dad went they had a good time. Lots of family were there to catch up with. They weathered the trip ok but
    might be Dad's last time it took
    alot out of him but he ate
    everything in sight. Guess
    he tired of eating Mom's and my
    cooking LOL. Everyone seem to have
    a good time lots of games for the children
    boats to ski and tubbing to do. Weather
    was perfect for it not too hot or too cold.
    Hope your weather has been cooler
    there for you there. Have a great week.
    Hi Storm?.. hope you got my little greeting Anneliese posted it today.. my 8 ball captain lost his son in an car crash the other day he was only 26 and has left behind an little girl ..its going to be an long week...
    Hello Anne
    Oh the weather here has been soooooooo nice. It feels like spring again and the air is so crisp in the mornings. Dark clouds coming in now but the rain
    will stay North for now.On the 4th
    they say we will get some storms
    I hope not am going to
    2 different parties and I
    would like to see some fireworks and
    fill my belly full of good country food.LOL
    Hope you and yours have a great
    4th of July. Hope your weather gets
    Hi Anneliese hopefully you may get this message before you go again i got an weigh in the other day again and in one month i have lost another 8 kilos and girl i aint even trying ..just being good at what i eat i guess and do alot of walking...i hav eto lose another 10 kilos and i will be soooooooooooooooo happy..
    I wish you a more of free time, Ann, and a good vacations, sure! Be good also! :)
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