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  • Hello Ann
    Been real busy with the folks and trying to give their place a few make overs and trying too work on my place as well. Well looks like the media is at it again about our bright star.I remember
    his words in Exit Wounds what
    am I a s__t magnet? LOL
    On the brighter side of things
    the weather has been great here
    but tornado warnings will be out tonight.
    They had to postpone the Balloon race
    in L-ville but will try tomorrow. Seeing
    all them go into the air is wonderful.
    The marathon went off without a hitch
    they had the biggest turn out ever
    this morning 15,000 runner. The spring meet for horse racing starts today. If only I could go up and watch! The Derby is just a few weeks away. Lots of events going on till that day wish I were up there in all that. It's so exciting.
    Well hope you are doing well.
    :) Yes, I'll be, Ann! Well, I have a last week of the practise, and then I'll come back again on My studying (I'll study the last, finishing 1 month). So, I'll finish the College in the end of the June - start of the July. Actually, then I'll try to get the exams in the University (I say "try", cause maybe I'll serve in the army the next one year). That's a little about My plans on the future...

    But now - I'm glad about the great weather and about My fanatstic mood. I very hope, Ann, that You have such wonderful times as I have!

    Everything will be all right and I trust in it! :) I wish only all the best in Your way, My Dear older sister! ;)
    well i dont know girl first there was Tiger Woods then Jessie James now Steven ??? what is it som ething in the water or some thing i guess iam just to hooked on Steven to just drop him ..i mean you got to look at it this way to if he wasnt getting any at home and if he does have an high sex drive well of course he is going to stray..i think Steven isnt the marrying kind his spirit is to free of course he loves his kids and grandkids but naa ..i feel for his family now just imagine what they are going through..guess he may ne in the divorce court again soon that lawman two has been cancelled an real shame that i guess they have to until all this **** is cleared up..oh well i still love the big guy ...
    :) Oh, that's interesting, Ann! But we'll trust and believe only to the best, won't we? No bad weather can break us and to upset us, to kill our amazing mood!.. :)

    It's everything ok with Me, every day for Me like a holiday - so many good events and positive news. For example, My chief of the practise also loves the US and likes this great country as Me. He has been in NY earlier, and now he tells to me about his trip, his journeys over there, etc. Today we've listened American anthem with him almost a whole day! I was so pleasant that I've found a brother-on-mind! :) lol

    How're You doing? What interesting can You tell Me? I wish You all the best, My Dear older sister Ann! Be good too ;)
    Exactlly girl.. people are prepared to hang him by the nearest tree ..there are always two sides to an story but because Steven has that bad boy image no one wants to hear what he has to say ..but some do ..iam one whom has he back thats for sure.. iam afraid we all have our weaknesses a
    after all we are human any way girl love ya catch you later.
    Hi! Well I have not been able to logg in on tis site :( but today I was able to! :D

    Thank you Anneliese, I have been missing you to :)
    Poor little tosh of yours maybe it needs an soft pillow did you read the trash story about Steven if he wants any where to hide low come this way
    Glad to hear good news from You, Dear Ann! How that's great, when You understand, that Your friends're all right and have a nice time to be happy! :)

    Well, today is the birthday of our common friend, movie star, and I'm glad to congratulate his important person with birthday!

    I hope, that You still have a nice weather and stay good! Nice weekend spending, Ann! Let the sun is still shining above Your city! :)
    Hi Ann ,first i whis you a very HAPPY EASTER,whit my brother go not so good,and iam prepear all for my dauther,her Birthday on 20 this mond and her holy communion on 24 this mond ,i have very much to do,to day whas looking for schoes and i found it,but che have mate 42 and that whas a realy problem,and pffff ,oefff i found it ,and iam very clad for that,i must go to the city for that,and che is happy and me to,when i have foto's i sent that to you,cant you give your email to me,i lost it.
    but i sent you that after her communion.
    Lovely Kisses and Hugs.
    :) Thanks for the wishes to Me, Ann! Yes, holiday was great, thank U!

    Well, that's good, that Your computer works again! Sometimes I also have such prblems with this machine ;)

    How're U doing there, Ann? What's new? It looks like, that the summer is already here - so warm, even hot, It feels wonderful!

    "Send spring sun in Your way, My friend" Be good too! :)
    Hello Ann
    Well seems the harder I try to get back to normal the more mixed up things get.LOL Well that's life for now. Hope winter is gone from Kansas for now!!!
    It's been in the 80's her for a
    few days which it shouldn"t be.
    Have a feeling this summer
    will be a hot one!!! Things
    are budding too soon here.
    Have a Happy Easter!!!!
    :) You're welcome, My Darling friend! ;) So, the last week was very warm, sunny, - almost like the summer, but it's a lot of the soil everywhere and the big pools at the streets.

    Well, Ann, the first week of the practise was gone and I'm so glad, that it's so easy to come and to work there, actually, 2-3 hours of work with the documents and the orders, and I'm free all the day's time!

    What's interesting, maybe smth good was happened? Don't be so silent, like Me earlier, or cat will also catch Your tongue! :)

    Be good and let it will all wonderful with You, My Dear friend! Great and sunny weekend to You!
    Yes it totally sucks when your computer decides to have an hissy fit.. heard from one of my friends tonight get this will you her boyfriend of 3 years dumped her via text message what an piece of dog pooh.. how dare he do that to an friend of mine i have an good mind to go knock his block off me she has abit of meat on her bones ...and he does that to her i dont think so he is scewring some little asian piece whom has the reputation of doing anything with an heart beat i thought you had to find an heart to have one..iam so pissed at this guy if i see him around god help him..
    Hello Ann! How are you? And how is the weather? Has the spring finally come to Kansas, or are still under siege of snow?

    Here in the Central Europe the temperatures were really good in the last 10 days and it was quite sunny, but since today's morning it has been raining a lot. Plus the temeratures have fallen down again. Only around 8 degrees of Celsius. I hope it will be nice and warm soon, because our sport season starts.

    Well, I also want to wish You Happy Easter.:))))) I hope you have it this week too. Or am I wrong?

    Have a good time!


    P.S. Steven Seagal Lawman will be aired also here in the Czech Republic. That is really great for me. I am definitely going to record all episodes. :))
    Hello again, Ann! Sorry, that I didn't answer You earlier! Well, today was gone the first day of My practise! Very good, nice feelings - almost nothing to do right there, and a half of the day is a free! Great! :) How're You, Ann? What's the news with You? How is the weather? :)

    Forever glad to Cheer You up, My Dear friend! ;)
    Hi girl thanks for that e-mail what are you doing for easter ..iam just having an quiet time actually doing some clean up in my back yard an old tree fell down the other night scared the living daylights out of few weeks back it was struck by lightning thank god no fire occurred..have you read my story thus far ..any way take it easy girl..
    Hello Ann
    Well it's spring and the birds are buzzing all about I add a few new pics of them. Things here are still not back to routine yet but getting there. Now if I can just hold out. Hope you have
    thawed out or at least starting
    :) Well, I trust, My Dear friend - nothing will be bad, only the great weather, singing of the birds and awakening of the nature from the winter' sleep. Actually, all it's going to this (I wish by all My heart, that You, Ann'll feel it soon).

    Oh, I've noticed, Ann, how we've just missed each other - You wrote one minute before My visiting - that's funny, But we haven't seen each other lol. The miracles're happened! :)

    Still wish You the positive, the goodness, only warm and shining, not winter weather, My friend! :) Be good!
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