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    Steven Seagal & Thunderbox: Backstage

    Thanks for that info Suzi! Being a musician it was cool to see their backline requirements. The dressing room beverages are not just for the performers. There are always lots of guests backstage. Friends, industry people, etc. The beverages are for them too.
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    does size matter in aikido ?

    You are all right. One of SS students says in path beyond thought that women generally have the advantage because they are forced to learn the technique. Larger/stronger people sometimes have trouble getting the technique due to using their strength too much. When I studied Aikido a few...
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    Into The Sun Reviews

    I had the luxury of picking up Into the Sun today and just paused it into my second viewing to write this brief review. Being a huge Seagal fan since I had the fortune of my older brother taking me to see "Out For Justice" in the theaters back in the day, I must say hands down that this is the...
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    Dojos in Los Angeles

    I don't have any personal experience with this dojo, but if I lived in LA county I would definitely check out Sensei Larry Reynosa's Makoto Dojo in Ventura. He trained with Take Sensei from the time he returned from Japan until recently. When I first became interested in Aikido I ordered Sensei...
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    Steven Seagal Official Site Came Back !!!!

    J.Lucas, good to see you again, as well as everyone else. I just watched the other day the VHS tape I got from you a few years back with the SNL skit, and FDB performance. Thanks again. If anyone else is running mac os x, in applications/utilities/network- utility allows you to run a 'whois'...
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    Seagal Interview In Thailand

    I've got to throw my two cents in here on a couple things. 1. Stop all this "war for oil" talk. If that was the case then we would have 'conquered' Kuwait the first time, and would have never pulled our resources out in '91 after round one. 2. On 911 19 men killed thousands of innocent...
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    Half Past Dead DVD released for sale

    Thanks for the info. I picked it up at a local wherehouse store on Tuesday. While running errrands this week I was pleased to see HPD, and The Foreigner available at most stores now (here in San Diego). What do you guys think about the deleted scene's? I wont give any spoilers but they sure do...
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    anyone having trouble finding "the Foreigner" here in the US?

    After two days of searching I finally found a copy of the foreigner at WalMart of all places, and it was by fluke. My friend needed something at 10:30pm and the only store open was WalMart and while there I decided to check the DVD's just for the heck of it. Before this I tried just about every...
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    Other one more lawsuite, from Germany this time!

    one more lawsuit, from Germany this time! Sorry if this is old news. I caught this article online this morning, after seeing a link from Matt Drudge's page. Not sure you you guys had seen it, although it was filed back in December. http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/stseagal1.html -Charles