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  • Hope you have a very nice Easter, Coleen. It's been a bit quiet without you - not as rowdy or raucous - but then all that is more than half the fun......
    Hey girlfriend!!:)

    Where have you been???????????????? We missed you!!!

    Steven?????????????????????????? I thought he was with you!!:):D
    Hmmm, methinks you have a nice blossomy new person in your life who is distracting you from all the fun we have here----we miss you.
    Hi Hun, Sorry I have been out of action for quite a while now but am back. So whats new??
    Hi Coleen,

    Come out, come out..................... wherever you are???:D

    OK girl, that's enough hiding!!!!!!!!!!:D

    Thinking of you and I hope everything is alright with you!! Miss you!!

    It's nearly a month where are you Coleen? I hope you are well and life is good with you.
    Hi Coleen, haven't seen you for a while so thought I'd swing by and leave a message for you.
    take care
    Hi Coleen,

    Just stopping by to say "Hello", how are you? Hope you are doing alright?

    Miss you!!
    Hi Coleen, have you found the social groups yet? Follow the footprints in the snow but don't tread any into B&B Myst is having to mop up in there.
    If you click on the word community up there then the social groups in that menu you'll get back there but I warn you it's very quiet.
    Well now, I just realized you haven't heard from me for a while also. And yes, it is wonderful to have such a smooth operator with an impressive intellect as President....for a change. No more cowboy logic. Later Lass.
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